Well, there’s new cognacs and then there’s ‘new cognacs’.  And we’re delighted to let our readers know of a super new eaux-de-vie that going to be launched later in June, 2014. This pre-phylloxera cognac is a collaboration between the house of Tiffon and Wealth Solutions collections.


An extra special, very rare and limited edition by the house of Tiffon, the L’Esprit de Tiffon’ has been blended using eaux-de-vies from the pre-phylloxera period.

For the uninitiated, phylloxera is a tiny insect that literally decimated the French vineyards in the mid 1860s.  After this, the only way for the wine growers to recover, was to re-plant the vineyards with hardier growing grapes.  And in doing so, the taste of wine (and therefore cognac) was changed forever.  Read more about phylloxera and the changes it caused here.

So, back to this latest release from Tiffon Cognac.  It’s been created using some rare eaux-de-vies that have been preciously guarded in the house’s private cellar for centuries.  The oldest of them dates back to 1805 – the days of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Maitre de Chais of Tiffon Cognac, Richard Braastad, says of the cognac, “We could not offer this exceptional liquor to cognac lovers if it had not been for my grandfather, who bought very old eaux-de-vie in the 19th century and then kept them in his private collection.”


Edward Bates, from the BNIC, says of L’Esprit de Tiffon, “To find a blend that is made entirely from pre-phylloxera cognac basically doesn’t exist.  It’s a window into another time.”

Another aspect of the cognac that’s so great is that along with the bottle itself, comes with the book on cognac written by one of the world’s leading authorities; our friend Nicholas Faith. And Cognac Expert had the delight of interviewing Nicholas himself at the end of 2013.  You can listen and read an in depth account of that interview here.

Of course, as to be expected, this rare cognac will only be released in a very limited edition: 150 decanters to be exact.  As well as the book by Faith, it’s presented in an engraved decanter in a specially designed presentation case.

So what does it taste like?  Well, we’ve not had the opportunity as of yet.  But Mr. Faith says of L’Esprit de Tiffon, that it has “floral notes, it’s elegant, it’s rich, it’s delicious.  What is ridiculous about it is that cognac well over the a century-old is still so young.”

Read more about Tiffon Cognac here.


Sources: thedrinksbusiness.com


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New Product Launch: L’Esprit de Tiffon Cognac

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