It’s Christmas, it’s the end of the year – just before the next year. If it’s cold outside, if it’s white outside: You need a good winter cocktail: The Eggnog.

Eggnog is a sweet beverage made with milk and cream, sugar, eggs. You want to make it with Cognac, of course. Of course you can use other brandy, or rum even whiskey – cinnamon or nutmeg are popular ingredients, too.

Eggnog Cognac

Eggnog is a popular winter beverage, especially in North America and UK. Some people also drink it for Thanksgiving. But where does it come from?

Apparently this drink comes from England, and it used to be a medieval beverage with hot milk.

What’s the “Nog” in Eggnog?

The “Nog” comes from “noggin”, which describes a medieval mug – however the drink is also caalled Egg Flip in some parts of the world. Others believe that the name Eggnog comes from “egg and grog”.

During the 18th century, the drink travelled the world. While brandy and wine was strongly taxed at that time, rum was a good substitute. And then it got popular in the United States. Later on, when the Whiskey production in the US started, rum was replaced by the domestic spirit.

What’s the recipe for Eggnog?

Take milk, some sugar, and yes – raw eggs. Then you add some spices; nutmeg for instance. Cream makes the whole thing thicker, vanilla can be used, too. If you want, add chocolate.

Eggnog has lots of other names, such as Ponche crema or Eierpunsch; Tamagozake, Advocaat or Kogel mogel.. just to mention some.

The Eggnog Ingredients for 8 persons

let’s take 12 eggs
6 cups of milk
2 cups cream
2 cups of cognac
some sugar
2 spoons with nutmeg

Directions: mix it in a huge bowl, use a mixer. Slowly, add the cognac. Half an hour before the guests arrive, add the milk. Don’t do it one day before or so – that’ll be a bad experience.

Pic: Konstantin Ryabitsev Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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Eggnog, with Cognac: Recipe, History and Directions

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