Clever old Bacardi – bringing in hip hop artist Jay-Z as the figurehead for D’Usse Cognac -because he certainly provides them with the publicity necessary to bring a brand directly to the eyes of their target market.

Only a week or so ago, the man of the moment won multiple Grammy Awards.  He then proceeded to pour D’Usse Cognac into one of his trophies and use it as a Cognac glass (mmm, how would that work when it comes to the nose and palate – although we’re guessing Jay-Z probably wasn’t too bothered about this at that particular moment…).  Cue the profile of D’Usse zooming to new heights, just in time for Bacardi to announce that they’re expanding distribution throughout major cities in the US.

Jay-Z drinking D'Usse from his Grammy

Initially launched last summer in New York and Washington DC, this was expanded to Las Vegas, Chicago and New Orleans in January 2013.  This month sees the rollout continue, with Houston, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Connecticut being next on the list.  Those of you who live in Miami will have to wait until December 2013.

Jay Z D'Usse cognac by Bacardi

The success of D’Usse has been quite remarkable.  And Vice President Brand Managing Director stated that they had an “incredible response” to the launch last year.  Currently D’Usse is only available in VSOP quality.  However, it was said at the initial launch that in the future there might well be VS and XO qualities as well.

Learn more about Bacardi’s D’Usse Cognac.


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D’Usse Expands Distribution in US while Jay-Z Sips from his Grammy

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    D’usse VSOP has hit Texas – I got a bottle for a Christmas present, and got hooked on it with my first sip. Smoothest cognac I ever tasted. Goes well with a BF in a hot tub, too!

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