At Cognac Expert we love coming across the new, strange, exciting and – in this case – completely bizarre…

In the latest cocktail that’s been created by Robyn Gray, Bar Manager at PIDGin in Vancouver, Canada, and as his winning concoction for the Vancouver leg of the Grey Goose Pourmasters competition, Mr Gray has used duck fat-washed cognac as part of the mix.


So, you may ask yourself (we certainly did…), what on earth is duck fat-washed cognac?  Well, we must say that this is a new one on us, so we were really interested to discover how to make it.  And it goes like this:

Duck Fat-Washed Cognac! Being served in a bar near you…

Take some pure rendered duck fat and infuse with equal parts of cognac in a sous vide water oven at 74 degrees C (165 F) for three days.  If you don’t have a sous vide water oven, you can instead place the mixture in a large jar, seal it and leave in a cool, dark place for around 14 days, shaking it on occasion to ensure the two ingredients combine well.


After this, place in the freezer overnight.  The fat will solidify and you can then strain the liquid into a container.

Mmmmm – not too sure about this.  What do you think?


Anyway, once he had created this duck fat-washed cognac mix, he then used it in a cocktail named ‘Duck, Duck, Goose,’ which you can make as follows.


1 ½ oz (40 ml) Grey Goose Cherry Noir

¾ oz (20 ml) duck fat-washed cognac

½ oz (15 ml) Noilly Prat French vermouth

3 dashes orange bitters

Garnish: Cherry stuffed with foie gras

Place all of these in a mixing glass/cocktail shaker along with ice and stir.  Fill small tumblers with crushed ice and pour the cocktail on top.  Serve with the cherry foie gras garnish.


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Duck Fat-Washed Cognac! Being served in a bar near you…

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