Don Henny's update on collection and planning trip to Cognac

Hi guys, it’s me again, Don Henny! Here comes my second article on

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I’ve been expanding my Hennessy Collection. Also thanks to the first article by (Thank You Max!).
Many people have contacted me and visited my FB page to see my Hennessy Collection.
My collection has grown from 160 bottles since the first article to about 270 bottles! In this collection, around 115 different bottles. This means moslty another label on the bottle, or an extra added as collector edition. This makes collecting so great.

Thanks to some new contacts I was able to buy some exclusive and special edition bottles. Like Hennessy Choice, Privé 1994, Henco,Bras d’Or, VSOP NYX ‘blacklight’, Napoleon Red Box,Flask sleeve 20cl G’Star (this was only made for the flagshipstore),VSOP Baccarat, Vintage 1959 ,VO…. I’m now waiting on a bottle called La Visite.

I also try to buy the same bottle more than once. That way I can open one for tasting and keep one sealed for collection/historical value. My oldest bottle dates from the 1930’s.
I’ve got a few new rare mini’s from between 1930-1980’s VSOP Fine Champagne 42°,Bras Armé, A.B.C ‘Jamais Abalssé’, Marquise de Pompadour-fruits au cognac 15°.

Hennessy XO

I had the chance to buy an empty Gold Bras d’Or Barrel with original box, very beautiful! I have seen this full & sealed @ more then 1000$ priced.
I upgrade my collection as well with; bar mats, all types of glass, keyrings, pin’s, ashtray, Scented candles…. So I still collect everything from Hennessy & Maybe one day I can open a small museum ‘hehe’
Still happy to give every 2 or 3 months a Hennessy Tasting @ my place for my close friends.
My friends just love it! As they know they otherwise never will be able to taste some of these unique cognac’s. Especialy those from the 1970’s like the Napoleon or VSOP Reserve & Fine Champagne etc… It’s alway a kind of adventure opening a bottle like this as it’s 40 years old now(the congac does not change!). Mostly I have about 20 diffirent Hennessy’s @ the table to taste.

My list of tasted Hennessys

VS, Fine, VSOP ‘Privilège+Grande Reserve+Fine Champagne’, XO & XO Grande Champagne, Black, Pure White, Privé 2008, Classique, Bras d’Or, Le Peu, Izambard, Camp Romain, Paradis, Paradis Imperial, Kenzo, Private Reserve 1865, Private Reserve 1873, Napoleon Bras d’Or, Napoleon Tome Book Red, Richard.

Institut Social Hennessy

In June I will visit Hennessy and will do a review on my trip to the Cognac region.

Something extra.

I visited some sites from other collectors who have a special range of old and rare Hennessy bottles. But most of these easly go above 1000euro and way more. Sadly that’s a bit out of my league. But very nice to watch & knowing people have this. For example old Baccarat Nostalgie de Bagnolet , La Billarderie 1900, Hennessy N°1…. I hope one day I alos can put those in my collection! But there are so many bottles that they have released throughout the years it’s endless!

For me the Hennessy Tale will Never STOP! I enjoy to drink and collect.

Greetings, Don Henny

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Don Henny's update on collection and planning trip to Cognac

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  1. Avatar

    I inherited a bottle of MARQUISE DE POMPADOUR fruits au cognac Hennessy. It looks rather old. I have no idea whether it is safe to consume this alcohol any more. Could you kindly share your wisdom via email? Many thanks in advance.

  2. Avatar

    I also have 2 bottles of the Marquise De Pompadour fruits au cognac. Both in original box and unopen. Any chance you have an idea of what the collectible value ( what a collector would pay) for this beautiful piece?
    Thank you for your time and info Mr. Henny.
    Kirk Friedman.

  3. Avatar

    I also have 1 bottle of the Marquise De Pompadour fruits au cognac. Both in original box and unopen.
    Do you know the price?

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Avatar
    Stephanie Hojnowski

    I am trying to find value on a bottle of marquise de pompadour fruits of cognac. It’s beautiful bottle with a woman’s head on it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Avatar
    roy ruyle

    i have a bottle of Marquise de pompadour Myrtilles au cognac din original bow and sealed with paraffin . the side of the box is printed with M. de Pompadour
    Negotiants Cognac,Charente.
    any info would be appreciated.

  6. Avatar
    Bob Cowick

    I just purchased two bottles in the original boxes of Marquise de Pompadour Abricots au Cognac Hennessy. Still sealed! Are they safe to consume? How would you serve it? What are the value of these?

    Thank You!

  7. Avatar
    michelle marsh

    Hi i have a bottle left to me from a German lady i cared for it is Marquise de pompadour Clementine au cognac . I have no clue how old . still in original box unopened. back label on box says specially selected by and imported by
    A.Thomas Webb Ltd
    London (does also give address)
    Any ideas how i can get age and worth please. Ive had around 9/10 years but its old
    Many thanks

  8. Avatar
    mark taylor

    I have a bottle of Marquise de Pompadour Fruits au Cognac by Hennessy, in its original box. It has no other markings and no date of bottling. It is full of fruits (look like cherries). Would you have any history or story thats behind this bottle, ie was it for a special occasion? Is it possible to tell its age and do you think it is OK to drink? Any suggestions for consumption ie should be strained first or left to breathe after opening?
    What would be the expected value?
    Much appreciated

  9. Avatar
    Fred Timmons

    I have an unopened bottle of Marquise de Pompadour, Fruits au Cognac, with original box. Box claims, Kiwis In Cognac. Please advise value and if safe to consume.
    Thank you,

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