One of our readers would like to get some background information about this bottle, not very old but still nice to look at! It is a Domaine Frapin Cognac, Vieille Grande Champagne. Here are the facts:

Front Label: Domaine Frapin Cognac, Vieille Grande Champagne
Premier Cru Du Cognac, Recolte – Distille-Vieilli
Et mis en Bouteille Numerotee, Au Domaine à Segonzac (Charente)
Back Label
Limited Production Single Vineyard Cognac
Estate Bottled:
No: 58137E
L111 02 93 F
Barcode: 3275850720706
back side label
And here you can see the whole bottle.
whole bottle of Cognac
Bought circa 2008 at Tesco

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Domaine Frapin Cognac Vieille Grande Champagne - Single Vineyard import

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  1. Avatar
    Tobermorie Moose

    Dear reader – Bottle guardian here – the comment about Tesco’s was a joke – sorry if it has mislead you 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Dear Sir
    i have also a bottle of the above but no labels on the rear of the bottle and was wondering how much its worth this was a gift given to me around 10 years ago
    Regards Paul

  3. Avatar

    please let me know if the bottle is still for sale

  4. Avatar

    i am not sure now as i may keep this for my daughter but sometimes money talks

  5. Avatar

    and how much money are we talking about? so that we don’t waist time

  6. Avatar

    No its ok i will leave it …….. do you know how much these are really worth

  7. Avatar

    unlike the one in the picture that is a single vineyard numbered bottle, your bottle is not as special.

  8. Avatar

    I have the same bottle no 34705 how much is it worth please

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