Introducing: Dobbé Cognac

It was in the late 18th century when the Dobbé family acquired their first vineyards and began the production of their very first Cognac. What followed these first tentative steps was the development of their knowledge and craftsmanship in the creation of quality eaux-de-vie. This knowledge has been passed down and now spans eight generations.

Thus, one of the remarkable things about Dobbé Cognac is that to this day they remain a classic family brand in every sense of the word. They manage every stage of the cognac production process, right from the tending of the land and harvest, through to the marketing of the end product. And this is one of the reasons that Dobbé Cognac is the epitome of an artisan cognac house with the image of French elegance and subtle sophistication, interspersed with rural authenticity and the classiness of Belle Epoque.


But what about the cognacs? Well, both the family estate (in Salignac-sur-Charente) and two third of the vineyards are located in the Petite Champagne region. This area covers 35 hectares in total. The remaining third of their vines are in the Fins Bois region. This gives the house a good variety of grapes and terroir from which to produce their eaux-de-vie.

Cognac range

The Dobbé Cognac range consists of six cognacs, in addition, they also produce a liqueur which is a blend of orange and cognac. The range includes a VS and a VSOP, an XO Extra, the XO Grand Century, a 10 year-old Petite Champagne Cognac and an exclusive Héritage Petite Champagne Cuvée.

Cognac Expert were delighted to be offered the chance to taste the VS, VSOP and XO Grande Century produced by Cognac Dobbé.

Dobbé VS Cognac

The youngest Cognac in the Dobbé range, the VS recently won a Silver Medal at the World Spirits Competition 2014 in San Francisco.

To the eye the cognac has amber hue with some hints of cinnabar red. Naturally, being a VS, its texture is not creamy as you would find with an old blend, but more liquid. Nonetheless it is still somewhat creamier than you would expect of such a young cognac.

The nose of the cognac is surprisingly sweet – even taking into account that it’s a VS. Almond, marzipan and vanilla come to mind, as well as orange, plums and dried figs.

On the palate it has a certain freshness, although the impression of fruit and sweetness continues.  The aftertaste is satisfying, but not strong.

Dobbé VSOP Cognac

The eye is quite similar to the VS, although it’s creamier and has a stronger touch of dark red.

The nose is much more sophisticated than the VS. It comes with a witty combination of gentle fruit, albeit with some somewhat sour notes; apples, apricots and pears on the one hand, citrus, orange and grapefruit on the other. Finally there are some hints to herbs – especially rosemary, and flowers – particularly the violet.

On the palate it’s rotund, rich and balanced. The cognac has a certain “washiness” – in the most positive sense of the word. The eaux-de-vies mingle in a delightful manner, flattering the palate with a fruity warmth. Following this, the aftertaste is gentle, albeit with a punch that lasts for some minutes.

Dobbe XO Grand Century

Dobbé XO Grand Century Cognac

Reminding one of orange honey blossom to the eye, the cognac has a delightful creamy consistency.

The nose is comparable to the VSOP – the same witty combination of fruit and sour, herbs and floral notes. Nonetheless the citrus aromas dominate in a somewhat stronger manner, and citrus, orange and grapefruit are combined with kiwi and passion fruit. Additionally you get some hints to both liquorice, and – even stronger – nut flavors, especially macadamia.

On the palate it is gentle, but with that same “washiness” of the VSOP – rich, smooth and balanced. In addition to this the aftertaste comes much quicker and lasts longer.

If you’re interested in Cognac Dobbé, please visit their website.

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