South African liquor company, Distell, has just announced its purchase of a 60 per cent share in the Chinese distribution company, CJ Wines & Spirits.  Distributor of both Bisquit Cognac and Amarula Cream liqueur, the company will now change its name to Distell China and will be headed by Managing Director, Rody Wong, of CJ Wines & Spirits.

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Under his direction, the company purchased Bisquit Cognac in 2009 and has already established a strong sales base in China’s so-called ‘Cognac Belt’ of Southern China – a region where most cognac is consumed in the whole of the country.  It’s in this area that Distell China will concentrate its efforts initially, before expanding to areas such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, according to Distell Managing Director, Jan Scannell.

Wong, who formally worked for both Apple and Seagram, said, “The partnership with Distell creates the opportunity to accelerate the excellent progress achieved thus far with two of the company’s major brands Bisquit and Amarula. CJ’s conversancy with the cognac market is an important asset, and we plan to bring this expertise in marketing to retail and on-consumption channels, to Amarula which is currently one of the fastest-growing spirits brands worldwide.”

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Distell China:  All Eyes turn East for Bisquit Cognac

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