This is seriously exciting news: The oldest Cognac house in the world, Cognac Martell, celebrates its 300 year anniversary in style. And they always do it right: To spearhead the celebrations, our preferred Cognac of French elegance sophistication appointed Hollywood actress Diane Kruger to be its Ambassador.

To mark this incredible occasion, Mary McCartney photographed the beautiful Diane Kruger in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, wearing a selection of “Martell blue” gowns. Diane’s radiance is symbolic for the French Art de Vivre we love so much, and of course for the rejuvenation of Cognac. But above all, and this is a congratulatory gesture towards Martell’s CEO Philippe Guettat and his PR team: what an incredible statement to chose a woman to represent the brand. It’s about time!


Cognac Expert has been invited to join Diane Kruger for the extravagant 300 year celebration at the Palace of Versailles on May 20. Hopefully we’ll finally be able to:

a) ask Diane for her favorite Cognac Cocktail

b) ask her about her favorite French painter

c) get a selfie with Diane to post HERE!


Martell will be hosting an array of events and projects around the world to commemorate their brand this year. Among them is France300, a project that presents 300 Frenchies who are contributing amazing things to gastronomy, art, fashion, mixology and entertainment epitomizing French Art de Vivre in the 21st Century. And who better than Diane Kruger to judge. Cross your fingers that we’ll make it on that list…


Diane Kruger, said of the Martell France300 project: “Although I still consider Paris my home, I spend a lot of time on the road and am pleased to see how the French Art de Vivre lifestyle is truly permeating contemporary society on an international scale. I’ve spent much of my life living here in Paris so it’s a huge honor to be asked to join the Martell France300 project. We’re looking to find 300 talented people, all of whom will have to demonstrate exceptional talent and ambition in their field, as well as being bastions for the modern French Art de Vivre lifestyle. I think this initiative in recognition of emerging French talent, is the perfect way for Martell Cognac to celebrate their 300th anniversary this year…and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Diane Kruger at the press conference. Getty Images for Martell Cognac

Philippe Guettat, CEO and Chairman of Martell commented: “There is much to celebrate in this hugely exciting year for Martell. From the Martell France300 project, to the incredible celebration we have to come at the Palace of Versailles, this is going to be an enormously exciting year for the brand. I’m also honored to work with an incredible talent like Diane Kruger as our Ambassador, who personifies so many of the Martell brand values in her sophistication and style. It is not very often you get to be part of such a momentous moment in a brand’s history and I’m immensely proud to be a part of it.”

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Elegance forever: Diane Kruger is Martell's Brand Ambassador

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Sophie is co-founder of Cognac Expert and lives in Charente, France. She is a passionate supporter of small and medium sized Cognac houses and artisanal producers. Her background is in contemporary art.

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    Baltazar Luby

    The Elegance of Diane Kruger and Martell Cognac what better. Unlike other cognac houses that use thug rappers to advertise their product. Well done Martell Cognac.

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