Cognac houses Deau, Roland Bru, and Dobbé carried home some serious medals at the largest wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China – the China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA) which was held a few days ago.


With over 5000 entries, these awards are considered the most prestigious in the China region, with the ‘Best Value’ award ceremony being held annually every spring. Criteria the entrants are judged on (by 100 judges!) include price, taste, and the quality in relation to the price. In this year’s competition, the team of industry experts – who include Chinese importers, wholesalers, and retailers spent the week commencing February 9 tasting the entries, before announcing the results on February 16.

Cognac Dobbé scored a double gold medal for its VSOP, as well as a gold medal for Dobbé XO Grand Century. Seems like Cognac Expert had a sense that this Cognac house was going to get some attention when we chose to do a Dobbé tasting not too long ago!

Cognac Expert tasting Dobbé XO Grand Century

Deau Cognac were awarded the gold medal for both their VS and VSOP Cognacs. Naturally the house is extremely proud of these awards – especially as the Cognac brand is relatively new to the market when it comes to marketing their product under their own label. The family behind Deau does in fact have a longstanding tradition in Cognac production, with Roland Bru Cognac as their family brand. It comes as no surprise then, that Roland Bru XO was awarded a silver medal and Roland Bru VSOP bronze.


Congrats to Roland Legaret and his team at Cognac Roland Bru and Cognac Deau for this success. We think we’ll be seeing far more of these Cognacs featuring in various award competitions in the future.


Learn more about Deau Cognac.


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Deau, Roland Bru and Dobbé: Big winners at the CWSA Awards

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