And yet another new products hits the shelves; this time a sumptuous Grande Champagne blend by Deau – called the LVO Cognac.

Deau La Vie en Or Cognac  which stands for “the life in gold” (or simply, Deau LVO Cognac), is the Christmas and New Year offering by the cognac house for 2013.  Beautifully packaged in a luxurious decanter layered with gold leaf, this is a blend of the finest, oldest Grande Champagne eaux-de-vies that are housed deep in the cellars of the house of Deau.


The family brand successfully launched DEAU L.V.O, the producer’s most prestigious cuvée at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong.

La Vie en Or Cognac

The cognac itself is a complex, flavoursome blend that hints at ripe fruits, bitter almonds, cinnamon, vanilla and fresh tobacco.  And as you’d expect, this delightful cognac is presented in a wonderful bottle/decanter that’s been commissioned by Arthus Bertrand, a Parisian fine jeweller.


The unique bottle is presented on a base and housed in a discreet and elegant white box – making it a feast on the eye as well as on the taste buds.

Right now we don’t have a price for a bottle of Deau LVO Cognac, but rest assured that as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know…

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New Product: Deau LVO Cognac La Vie en Or

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