De Luze, again! We’ve just reported about their new XO Fine Champagne bottle design. This time up North on a Polar Circle experience with a bunch of key customers and journalists.

Alfred on Ice

Cognac company De Luze had the idea of spending a night in an Arctic iglo, emphasizing the use of ice with one of their Cognacs, called Alfred or simply “A”, which has been aged for more than 15 years in oak barrels. Find out more about this Cognac, here.

So they got their bottle from the green hills and vineyards of Charente, France to the cold outback of Norway, to the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. What a concept.

De Luze Bottle in Ice Glass

With an outside temperature of 28°C and an inside temperature of -10°C, a glass of De Luze Alfred Fine Champagne Cognac, with an ice-cube, is actually quite a pleasant drink, BUT what about drinking the cognac in an ice glass.

De Luze Bar

Adding an ice cube to cognac is not a sin, it depends what kind of cognac you are having. But it can enhance the experience and opens aromas and notes, like adding a splash of water.

De Luze Ice Bar

No need to go that far north in Norway to enjoy that slightly crazy experience, no need to create an ice bar like in the picture above in your garden, or in your freezer. You would just take two ice cubes in a low tumbler, and that does the trick.

Nordic Athmoshphere

Highly likable, that idea of De Luze: Going up north, using snow mobiles etc., for such a rather extreme presentation, in order to underline the advantage of ice.

Pics: M. Holt – Horeca

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Mission Arctic Iglo: De Luze's Journey to the Polar Circle

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