The delightful brand of De Luze Cognac, located in the heart of Grande Champagne, is unique in many respects. And it’s necessary to take a meander through the realms of history to truly understand what these are; not to mention the driving force that makes De Luze a house that we believe our global Cognac Expert family will be excited to discover or re-discover.

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De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

An entrepreneur is born

Early in the 18th century, the word ‘entrepreneur’ had yet to be invented. But that certainly didn’t mean that the spirit that embodies the expression wasn’t very much alive and well. And in nobody was this more apparent than in the founder of this wonderful Cognac house, Alfred de Luze.

These early years of the Cognac industry belonged to the bold. Alfred and his brother, Louis Philippe, certainly had the necessary qualities to succeed. In 1817 they travelled to Paris and Le Havre, then on to New York, with the intention of building a business network that would assist them in their liquor import and export endeavors. It didn’t take long before they realized that they would most benefit from having one person in the US and one in the Cognac region. So Louis Philippe remained in New York to take care of operations that side of the pond, and brother Alfred returned to Cognac. In 1822, they created the Cognac house that to this day bears the family name, Cognac De Luze.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

Crafted with passion

Right from the outset, the house of De Luze had one aim; and that was to produce only the finest Cognacs, in the most natural manner, and–very importantly–not to sully the production process. In particular this meant using only eaux-de-vie from the premier growth areas, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, and to control every step of the process, from the grape through to the glass.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

This ethos is very evident in all of their Cognacs, and is definitely the reason so many of their luxury range has been multi-decorated in industry competitions. You need only look at the De Luze Extra Fine Champagne Cognac to realize that this is a brand for those who truly enjoy the finer things in life. This multiple gold medal winner is elegant from the moment you first set eyes on the delightful decanter. This continues through the deliciously tempting spicy aromas, the light, refined palate, and satisfying long finish. It’s a wonderful example of how a pure and natural Cognac should be.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

The second family connection

By 1862 the Cognac house was booming. Over the years, the family De Luze acquired more vineyards, all located in the prime terroirs of the region. The estate continued to flourish, with the passion, knowledge, and savoir-faire passed down through the family. And in 2006, a second entrepreneurial family was brought into the mix, when De Luze Cognac was acquired by Maison Boinaud.

The Boinauds are virtually Cognac royalty, having been established in the region since 1640. Today, 24 generations on, one can draw real comparisons between the entrepreneurial De Luze brothers, Arthur and Louis-Phillipe, and cousins, Remi and Charles Boinaud. Once again, two young men in their prime of life (Remi, 33 years and Charles, 27 years), dedicating their lives to the production of Cognac that remains true to the brand’s heritage, whilst embracing everything that the modern world has to offer.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

The Boinaud family farms an astounding 422 hectares of prime Grande Champagne vineyards. This, in addition to the precious nectar housed within the cellars of De Luze, means they can continue to produce refined, high-end Cognacs in the manner that remains true to all that Alfred De Luze held dear all those years ago.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

A fresh outlook on old traditions

Remi and Charles Boinaud are proud to uphold the traditions of De Luze Cognac. After all, taking over such a delightful craft Cognac brand brings with it many responsibilities. And the Boinauds are certainly the right people to do this. The understand that the reason De Luze Cognac is so sought after is the artisan methods of creation–and they continue in the very same manner to this day.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

The dedicated team at De Luze are rightly proud of the Cognacs they produce. And, naturally, they follow in the same adventurous manner that saw the brand become a success all those centuries ago. Always pushing boundaries, they launched two inspirational Cognac products designed to allow chefs, both in restaurants and at home, unique ways to infuse their dishes with the delights of Cognac. These are the De Luze Pearls, made with Cognac of XO quality, the perfect accompaniment to oysters, and the De Luze “Smoaker”–BBQ oak wood chips made from old Cognac barrels, to literally smoke the delights of eaux-de-vie into your creations during the process of alfresco cooking.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

Cognac for the Connoisseur

At Cognac Expert, we fall in love with brands that offer something a little special. Everything about De Luze Cognac is about producing Cognacs that are anything but run-of-the-mill. Right from inception the brand has been about creating masterpieces that appeal to the connoisseur. Their range is small, but perfectly formed. And from the youngest VS through to the VSOP,  De Luze XO, and the newly released, De Luze Extra, you can be assured of a tasting experience that never fails to disappoint.

De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

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We’re delighted to be able to bring this wonderful artisan brand to your attention. And we’re sure you’re going to love them just as much as we do. But be warned… One taste is enough to get you hooked. So be prepared to return to De Luze time and time again, because it’s a tasting experience that you’ll certainly want to repeat. That’s the hallmark of a true craft Cognac brand, that once you’ve indulged, you’ll most definitely be back for more.

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De Luze Cognac: A tale of two Families

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