It’s Kim Jong-Il’s 69th birthday: apparently Mister Jong-Il was born in 1941, in a small village called Vyatskoye. That’s the perfect moment to remind our readers of an outrageous situation in North Korea.

The “Dear Leader” has a very special taste, rather eccentric. While 23 million North Koreans live in poverty, Kim allegedly spends over $600,000 on Cognac per year. Of course he also loves lobsters, caviar and other luxury goods… Dear Leader also likes cars. He owns a fleet of Mercedes cars, loves commercial movies such as Rambo or James Bond.
Kim Jong Il Cognac

Once Kim Jong Il even kidnapped the most popular South Korean movie star and kept the star and her husband under house arrest for 8 years!

In North Korea nobody is aware of Kim’s excess and preference for XOs and Hors D’Age Cognas – the regime has banned any kind of modern communication like mobile phones, free press or books. Internet? Don’t even ask. North Koreans are not able to read Cognac Expert.

So what’s the Kim Jong Il’s favourite Cognac? Apparently the Paradis Cognac from the house of Hennessy, that is sold for $630 in Korea. The average earning of a Korean citizen is about $900 a year, by the way.

Here comes the question: Why doesn’t the UN succeed in their embargo they started in 2009? If one would take those cognac bottles away from Kim, it would be a pretty good start to show him that he can’t do whatever he wants.

The dark side of cognac

We don’t want dictators to have the privilege of tasting Fine Champagne from Charente. Can we stop that? Is that possible, and most importantly: Are the big houses interested in that?
But perhaps it’s no longer necessary to think about it: As the leader’s health is in a bad condition, he can’t be downing Hors d’Age Cognas every day. On the other hand: North Korea must have a huge culture of high end cognac consumption today.
Bazonline reported, that North Korea is the biggest single-client of Hennessy. The regime paid for Paradis Cognacs over half a million (in euro) per year. But let’s keep it realistic – Kim probably gives the bottles to generals and important persons of the regime. He won’t drink all this eaux-de-vie on his own.
Probably, a good cask of Cognac will always find its way to every dictator in the world.

Source: Daily Paragraph, CNN,

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The Dark Side of Cognac: Dictator's Status Symbol

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    He drinks it because he’s a world leader/has money…you also see rap artists drinking/referring to Cognac…more of a bling thing than anything else.

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    Hennessy Paradis Cognac is actually a lot cheaper to buy if you’re in Korea. Still the amount he spent on something so frivolous and useless to a country of starving people is a tragedy and shows how bad of a person/leader Kim Jong Il really was.

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