Diageo’s best-selling Canadian whisky in the USA, Crown Royal Cask No.16, surely has to lend some of its amazing popularity to the wonders of cognac.

Is Crown Royal Cask No 16 a Cognac? No.

The whisky, which was introduced to the Crown Royal range in 2007, is produced from a blend of over fifty different whiskies, all individually aged in cognac barrels direct from the Limousin forest.  That’s why the whisky is named ‘No. 16,’ in deference department 16 – Charente – from where the wooden barrels hail.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky No 16

Crown Royal Cask No. 16 is produced at the company’s distillery in the idyllic location on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Here the whiskies age in the cognac barrels that provide them with a finish reminiscent of our cherished eaux-de-vie, with notes of rich fruit and a creamy, smooth flavour imbued directly from the wood of the cognac barrels.

What can we say?  Except we understand why a whisky firm would want to use this aging method to create a unique whisky.  A clever idea, and one that certainly gives Crown Royal a product that differs from anything else in the whisky market.  If you enjoy the odd whisky, then this one is definitely worth a try.

Sources: www.crownroyal.ca

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Crown Royal Whisky Finished in Cognac Casks: No. 16

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    Jason Debly

    Sadly, this has been discontinued by Diageo.

    A fantastic Canadian whisky.

    Nevertheless, there are bottles still available on shelves, mostly in Canada. Grab them!

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