High end spirits and champagne suffered severely in the global economic crisis – and this, of course, included cognac.  But recent figures released by Remy Cointreau, LMVH and others show that this time of downturn might well be over.

Luxury Spirit flagships: Rémy Cointreau, LVMH and Pernod Ricard

In all of the food related divisions, high-end spirits and champagne have shown the strongest recovery.  Showing the strongest growth is Champagne Lanson-BCC at 57 per cent.  LMVH ( Hennessy ) is up 55 per cent and Remy Cointreau (Rémy Martin) 48 per cent.  Pernod Ricard ( Martell ), who still has a significant debt after its purchase of Absolut Vodka in 2008, showed only a more modest increase of 17 per cent last year and, despite its high-end strategy, is down 5 per cent so far this year.

Of course, Remy Cointreau’s sale of its champagne division has helped the company a great deal, and this has also had the effect of strengthening market interest in other champagne houses.

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Sources: www.investir.fr

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Is the Crisis Over? A Return to Growth for High End Spirits

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