Crazy Old Cognac with the strangest bottle neck ever: Vieux Cognac VSOP Napoleon Gaultier Barbezieux.

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Vieux Cognac VSOP Napoleon Gaultier Barbezieux


Vieux Cognac VSOP Napoleon
Ch Gaultier et Co, a Barbezieux pres Cognac

The reader just found and old bottle of cognac in his grandpa’s cabinet. The bottle is from 20th century but it was intended to look antique, with the neck kind of melted on one side and a paint job that makes it look dusty. The bottle is corked and sealed. It was stored vertically in a dark place during the last 50 years.

Vieux Cognac VSOP Napoleon Gaultier Barbezieux


Our reader would like to know if it has any value, and the probable bottling date, he guesses it’s about 60 years old. Reader asks: Do you think the cognac is ok to drink?

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Crazy Old Cognac: Vieux Cognac VSOP Napoleon Gaultier Barbezieux

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    Hi, I hope you’re still following your article, because I think we have something in common! I found a bottle that look like the one you’re describing here: exactly the same strange neck, the same label and, if I read it right, even the n° 1788 on left side of the label. The only difference I can see is that my bottle is transparent, like normal glass (maybe yours too, but that’s what I see looking at the photo!), and it doesn’t have the brand with “N” impressed on the neck neither the paper seal on the top, it’s only corked with lead. I thought I had something unique, mostly because of the shape of the neck, but it seems I was wrong! Have you found some information about the bottle?

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