One of our reader send us this bottle: A Courvoisier V.S.O.P Old Bottle, obviously a US Army limited edition. And we love the Canada Dry can in the background…

Napoleon’s Cognac for the American army

This brandy has been in the family for several decades. It is unopened and sealed.

Courvoisier V.S.O.P Old Bottle

Also the bottom of the label says “FOR U.S. FORCES ONLY”, and “The Brandy of Napoleon”. Also Produce de France and Liquer Cognac. Medaille d’Or Paris 1889, which is an award /gold medal.

On the bottleneck label it says: By Appointment, The Late King George VI Courvoisier Ltd.

Courvoisier V.S.O.P Old Bottle label

We could not identify the date. Can anyone give us information about this bottle? Was this bottle only distributed to the US army?

As usual: Background information and knowledge is more than welcome. Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Courvoisier VSOP Cognac for US Forces Only: Date unkown

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    Late 1950’s or 60’s if you would like to sale love to buy it at [email protected] (Comment by Admin: Dear James, please make your offer here in this post, rather than posting your email address. Thank you for your understanding)

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    dana mallery

    I have this same bottle from my grandfather.. can u tell me more about it?

  3. Avatar
    dana mallery

    Would love to find out more about this, very little info. from grandfather who was a merchant marine,I would have to say it was purchased by him in the 60 s. but not sure….help!!

  4. Avatar

    I have the same bottle of liquor with the box..It is a limited addition “by appointment ” My grandfather was in the Navy and It was given to him. his record show he was discharged in 1946. that’s all I know. I don’t drink and would love to sell.

  5. Avatar
    peter lim

    got exactly a bottle with box , but, without the marks ” FOR US FORCES ONLY “,
    would liked to sale’ please from decent offer.

  6. Avatar

    I have about 4 bottles in their original crates that do not say for US Forces. My uncle got them at least 60 years ago. He said they were bottles from when before the plant burnt to the ground. I too am looking for the value of these if anyone can tell me that would be great.

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    I found the same bottle VSOP Courvoisier by apppointment.It was bought by my father in Italy 30 years ago.I need informations what it’s value.The bootle is in great condittion and it is also full.

  8. Avatar
    João Coelho

    i have 1bottle to sell, any one want to by ?

  9. Avatar
    João Coelho

    i have one of this bottle “U.S. Army only” and i sale for 150 euros

  10. Avatar
    Andre Torres

    João Coelho is the bottle still available?

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