Breaking news! The Courvoisier VS Limited Edition Black Pack is poised to hit the shelves. If, that is, you happen to live in South Africa.

Courvoisier Black Limited Edition Cognac: A Darker Side to the Classic VS
The dark tones the new Courvoisier VS Limited Edition Black Pack

Whilst we in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the last vestiges of summer, Courvoisier is taking full advantage of the advent of spring for our southern cousins. This latest limited edition is part of the CVCollective campaign in association with three of the country’s hottest musicians—Prince Kaybee, Nadia Nakai, and Yanga Chief.

Courvoisier Black Limited Edition Cognac: A Darker Side to the Classic VS
Courvoisier’s latest brand ambassadors for South Africa

Cognac in South Africa: Achingly cool with growing cocktail culture

The Courvoisier Black is targeting the young, the achievers, and the influencers. The Cognac itself is the regular Courvoisier VS, it’s the packaging that’s the limited edition. The campaign is promoting three signature cocktails designed specifically for the Courvoisier Black campaign.

These are:

The Black Sidecar: Offering a strong Cognac influence

The Black Ginger: Consisting of Cognac and ginger ale

The Black Fleur: An elegant mix of Cognac and champagne

And, naturally, the use of social media is the key component in getting the message out to fans.

Courvoisier Black Limited Edition Cognac: A Darker Side to the Classic VS
Courvoisier Black is targeting the young, cocktail loving crowd

The love of Cognac is growing fast in South Africa, and the country has been identified as one of the areas of strong potential for exports, along with Oceania, the Caribbean, and Vietnam. In the last figures released, these emerging regions accounted for more than 6.7% of all Cognac shipped (13.9 million bottles), a growth of 5.3% in value and 12.2% in volume.

Stunning in black

Rap artist Nadia Nakai attended the launch of Courvoisier Black dressed in, of course, a beautiful black ensemble. Her risqué outfit embodied the rapper’s style and was shared on Instagram to the delight of her followers. 

Courvoisier Black Limited Edition Cognac: A Darker Side to the Classic VS
Nadia’s tuxedo jacket outfit caused a storm when shared on social media

Brooding looks target millennial consumers

We have to say, it’s a pretty cool bottle—one that’s sure to go down well with the hipsters and the influencers out there. 

Courvoisier is also carrying out a pretty shrewd marketing move by only offering it through restaurants and bars throughout South Africa, to begin with. Consumers are being encouraged to share their experiences with the drink on social media for the chance to get their hands on their own bottle.

But it will be available at retail outlets come October. After all, Courvoisier isn’t going to miss out on the run-up to Christmas and all the potential sales that bring (OK, sorry, we mentioned the C-word in August!). And actually, it’ll make a pretty nice gift for anyone who loves keeping up with the latest trends.

Find out more about the Courvoisier VS Black Limited Edition Cognac, and the whole range of Courvoisier offerings in our online shop.


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Courvoisier Black Limited Edition Cognac: A Darker Side to the Classic VS

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