Hello week and hello to this beautiful packaged Courvoisier VOC Fine Champagne Cognac that is located in California, USA.

The Reader writes “It belonged to my sister’s in-laws from Monterey, California. She married into our family in 1976. I don’t know how they came to own it, but they were a very wealthy family in California at the time. After the deaths of my sister and her husband in 2002, I came to possess many of their collectibles that I don’t know what to do with. I decided that this year I would find out what some of their things are worth and try to get them to others who would enjoy them. “

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Courvoisier V.O.C. Fine Champagne CognacBottle, box, and stopper

The label reads: “The Brandy of Napoleon”
Fine Champagne
80 proof – 4/5 quart
Product of France
Produced and Bottled by Courvoisier, Jarnac, France
Imported by W.A. Taylor & Company, New York, NY.
Sole distributors for USA

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: Not sure what you mean by this question, but there is a number on the unbroken seal of the bottle: 414739917
Also, the ” Bottle Stamp” says Series 112

Courvoisier V.O.C. Fine Champagne CognacFront label

How has the bottle been stored:

  • At room temperature

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Everythings seems fine

Courvoisier V.O.C. Fine Champagne CognacCork/stopper with unbroken seal

The level of the cognac: Mid shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the middle of the shoulder

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Courvoisier V.O.C. Fine Champagne Cognac.

Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about this bottle – give your opinion. Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting your email address into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting email addresses into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

For both bottle owners and potential buyers: If you want to get in touch with respective owners or buyers please send a mail [email protected] expressing this wish.

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Courvoisier VOC Fine Champagne Cognac

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Jacki has been with Cognac Expert from virtually the beginning. She's the senior editor of the blog, and has spent much of her life living in rural France. Today she's based back in the UK, where she splits her working life between writing for Cognac Expert and working as a Paramedic at a large regional hospital.


  1. Avatar

    Very nice bottle in the Baccarat line. Unfortunately Courvoisier doesn’t sell like Martell.
    I will offer you $400 for this very nice bottle.

  2. Avatar


    May I know how much you would like to sell this? Thank you

  3. Avatar

    Hi, I’d love to buy this. I’ll offer $500 for it. Please let me know

  4. Avatar

    to #5 comment, “Steve”: I would love to further discuss your offer. I am in the process of having the bottle appropriately packaged for shipping and will let you know the cost of that. Packaging and shipping would be added to whatever price we come up with. Thank you

  5. Avatar

    Hi Patricia,
    thats great,
    yes please let me know the shipping costs
    Also do you know if customs costs / import costs are involved ?



  6. Avatar

    Hi, thats great .
    I beleive we now need to make contact through the owner of the website

  7. Avatar

    Steve: The website gave me your email. I sent you an email, but maybe it went to your spam folder. At any rate, shipping is going to be difficult because shipping liquor in the US is mostly prohibited and if it is overseas, it is impossible. Where are you? England? This transaction could prove to be difficult. Please write back.

  8. Avatar

    I am in the US and my offer is still on the table.
    You can ship UPS surface without much risk. No legal risk. Only risk is bad packing as bottle cannot be insured.

  9. Avatar

    Thank you Michael for you interest. I would love to complete this purchase with you. I will need your zip code / address to find out the shipping charges with UPS. I am very skilled at packaging, so I don’t foresee a problem with the bottle reaching you in excellent condition. How do we complete the transaction monetarily? Do you have a Paypal account ? I can send you an invoice through Paypal, that way both of us are protected. In the meantime, I will prepare the bottle and its box for shipping. Thank you

  10. Avatar

    I am in Maryland zip code 21042 – Since you have already contacted Sebastian about selling the bottle to Steve he will also give you my E-mail address and we can then exchange information directly. I do have a PayPal account.

  11. Avatar

    Hello Patricia,
    yes the email did go into my Spam account.
    I would still love the bottle.
    However it is complicated to post to Europe.

    I’m surprised that Michael made an offer when we were still in communication.
    But i will understand if you’s prefer a USa/USA tranasaction


  12. Avatar

    To Steve , so nice to hear back from you so soon. I will get the information regarding the shipping charges and let you know the price/arrangements. And yes, I thnk working through PayPal will be great.
    To Michael, thank you for your interest and offer, however shipping to Europe is very problematic.
    I’m looking forward to getting this bottle to someone who will appreciate it!

  13. Avatar

    Steve I am sorry about intruding on your negotiation. I thought Patricia did not want to ship to Europe. It is forbidden to ship alcohol by air and US postal service forbids any shipping of alcohol.
    Shipping UPS/Fedex is very expensive and still forbidden. You can do it by lying about the content and not declaring it to customs but it is un-insurable and somewhat risky.
    I am speaking from personal experience. I ship to Europe frequently but I crate the cognac and send it by ship fully declared.

  14. Avatar

    Steve . . . It has been a busy week. On Saturday (tomorrow) I will be getting the box ready for shipping and will get the shipping charges figured out for you. I will email you the info and we can go from there. Thank you for your patience.

  15. Avatar

    Patricia, are you going to ship to Steve in Europe? I am confused about this discussion and your answer to me seemed to indicate that you would not ship to Europe. That was the only reason I offered to make a deal within the US.

  16. Avatar

    Oh Michael. I’m so sorry I got the names turned around. I am planning on sending the bottle to you in Maryland. Just has been a hectic week and my knee tweaked out on me…so I’ve been a bit out if sorts. But, yes I am planning on doing business w/ you, Michael. I’ll be in touch again tomorrow w/shipping charges. Do you prefer UPS or USPS?

  17. Avatar

    Michael . .. I am planning on shipping the bottle to you. I got the names mixed up and responded to the wrong name. It’s been kind of crazy week. Sorry. I will contact you when I get the shipping costs figured out. What do you prefer: UPS, USPS, or FEDEX?

  18. Avatar

    Hi Patricia,
    I would never use USPS again. They managed to destroy one box shipped to me that was extremely well packed (double boxed) and then had a postal inspector call me and threaten me because it contained alcohol. When I asked them to pay the package insurance claim they said it could not be paid because there was alcohol in the package so I asked them to provide proof that it was destroyed not lost or stolen but they refused would not even give me a formal letter. I think they stole the package and the inspector was in on it but I cannot prove it. Never use USPS. UPS surface is much better.

  19. Avatar

    Hi Michael . . . so good to hear back from you. The bottle is triple boxed . . . and very secure in a 15x15x12 box . . . much larger than the original box that it is contained in. UPS charges are much more than USPS, but I can ship it any way you want it shipped. UPS Ground was the cheapest at about $46, before delivery confirmation and insurance. How do you suggest we proceed from here? I am also concerned about the weather you are having on the East coast . . . it will delay delivery I think. I asked Sebastian (Cognac web-site) for your email to finish this transaction. I am still in favor of Paypal for the transaction . . . will look forward to your response from here.

  20. Avatar

    Dear Patricia, I just sent the email address. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Kind regards, cognac-expert

  21. Avatar

    Just for the record: this bottle has been sold for $475. Thanks to all bidders

  22. Avatar

    Mike, I have a bottle I’d like to sell for $500.

  23. Avatar

    I only had the one bottle . . . no more . . . sorry

  24. Avatar

    Yes contact cognac expert
    To get my email
    I will buy
    I need to see picture of your bottle

  25. Avatar

    Are you located in the USA?
    I also realized that the label in the photo above does not match mine. Mine does not say “Fine Champagne”. Everything else seems to match. Are you still interested? If you are I’ll pay the fee to Cognac expert and get your email to send photos.

  26. Avatar

    Without the “Fine Champagne” designation you are probably dealing with a newer bottle made with a blend of grapes not just Grande and Petite Champagne but also Borderies/Fin Bois/Bon Bois. This diminishes the value & quality of the cognac slightly. Courvoisier mostly makes blended cognac so they rarely sell “Champagne” grade cognac.

    The grades of cognac by grapes:

    Grande Champagne: Only grapes grown in Grande Champagne area
    Fine Champagne/Champagne: Grapes from Petite and Grande Champagne areas.
    Borderies: Some Cognacs are designated from this area since it would considered better than a blended cognac with no area designation and this area is the smallest of the Cognac areas so a pure Borderies cognac is quite rare and appreciated.

    No designation: Blended from all Cognac areas.

    Fin Bois, Bon Bois, Bois Ordinaires are the 3 other regions.

    How is the level in your VOC? That would be a factor in setting the value also.

  27. Avatar

    Michael, Thank you for the additional information. I’ve submitted the bottle information and photos on this blog put it has not been published yet. I will follow up to see if I can get it published.

  28. Avatar

    The bottle photographed above has a “good” level.

    Anything at that level or higher is good. Flush with the base of the neck would be great.

    If the level is lower than the one pictured it would start affecting the value, especially if it is 1/2 inch lower or more.

  29. Avatar

    Michael and Mike, my bottle has now been posted. Please take a look if you are interested. Thank You

  30. Avatar

    I’ll buy $600 full complete set. Any seller or collectors pls contact me thru enails. Thanks

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