No, it’s not a cute marketing plan, but the first age-related cognac to be released by any of the four major players in the market. reported about this new bottle range.

And now it’s available to purchase in Canada.

Courvoisier Vintage Cognacs Courvoisier 12 and 21 Released in Canada

Known together as The Connoisseur Collection, Courvoisier 12 and Courvoisier 21 are exactly what they say on the label – a 12 year old and a 21 year old cognac blend.  They are selling for an approximate price of CA$89.95 and CA$349.95 respectively.

Making the age of the cognacs so prominent might be new to the cognac market, but is nothing new in the world of spirits – as malt whisky drinkers will tell you.  But Courvoisier are hoping that by doing so they’ll be offering a premium product that will appeal to all manner of spirit drinkers.

Courvoisier’s Master Blender, Patrice Pinet said “With the Connoisseur Collection we are making cognac more approachable.  We do this not only by communicating the age right on the bottle, but by crafting a cognac with a clear flavour profile that is complex and delicate without being intimidating.”

Courvoisier 12 and 12 are being rolled out throughout Canada over the next week, with national market visits, tasting sessions and seminars taking place in all the major Canadian cities.


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Courvoisier Vintage Cognacs Courvoisier 12 and 21 Released in Canada

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    Already saw then both in a store in Santa Rosa California, USA

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