New Product Launch: Courvoisier Gold

Well, it’s not a entirely a cognac, but the latest launch from Courvoisier is an innovative blend of both the product the name is famous for and a French Moscato wine. It is of course the sister product of Courvoisier Rosé”>Courvoisier Rosé – and might be a rather sweet, more of a “female drink” if one can say that.

Courvoisier Gold

Packaged in a Josephine bottle, Courvoisier Gold has been produced as the ‘perfect complement’ to the 2011 launched, Courvoisier Rose.

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Moscato Wine blended with Courvoisier’s cognac

Megan Frank, Director of Courvoisier at Beam Inc. said,

“The addition of Courvoisier Gold to our brand portfolio is extremely exciting, Moscato is the fastest-growing wine varietal and mixed with cognac, it provides a unique, smooth taste experience. We believe Courvoisier Gold will not only appeal to the many existing fans of our portfolio, but will also give new consumers a reason to try cognac for the first time.”


The blend is produced by Courvoisier’s signature cognac and the Moscato wine of South West France.  Designed to be drunk either on the rocks, chilled or as a component of a cocktail, it’s a little less potent than pure cognac at ABV 18 per cent.

Courvoisier describe the drinking experience as notes of honey, along with the potent taste of Moscato grapes, peaches, pears and floral orange blossom.

Courvoisier Gold retails at a price of round about $25.

We’ve actually had Courvoisier Rosé in the Chateau de Jarnac, the HQ of Courvoisier, one week ago. Cellar master Patrice Pinet prepared some drinks for us – and we discussed some cognac topics with him; a great meeting, read the article about our Hennessy, Hine, Martell, Rémy Martin”>Cognac tour! We also filmed the whole visit, so stay tuned for our videos.


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