A reader has a bottle of the special edition Courvoisier Collection Erte ‘Vendanges’ to sell. What is the value of this bottle?

Our reader loved Erte when he was younger and the parents bought him a bottle as an investment when they were first released. The bottle is still in the original boxes, in Florida.

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Courvoisier Cognac Vendanges Collection Erte in Florida

Bottle in the original box

Vendanges Collection Erte – Les grappes offertes au soleit sont le raflet au la beaute des vendanges, et celuis de mon offrande oi l’art…..
De ces raisins maiteu une eau de vie ambree: le cognac Courvoisier.
Courvoisier Cognac produced and bottled by Courvoisier, Jarnac, France
Imported by WA Taylor & Company, Miami, Florida, sole distributors for USA
Product of France
No. J9698

Courvoisier Cognac Vendanges Collection Erte in Florida

Back of the bottle/label

The reader would like to sell this bottle of Collection Erte by Courvoisier. Any idea how much this bottle is worth? Please drop your comments.

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Courvoisier Cognac Vendanges Collection Erte in Florida

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  1. Avatar
    Gigi Wong

    I would like to buy this bottle. Please send me an email, and I will offer you the price. Many thanks.

  2. Avatar
    javed chaudhry

    I have a bottle of ERTE Distillation # 3 Collection in original box with papers .If somone is interested to purchase at the market price .Pictures could be sent to serious inqs. Thanks.Javed

  3. Avatar

    I have a bottle of Courvoisier Erte #2 for sale, brand new, in box. Please send email if interested, best offer

  4. Avatar
    Heather Barnes

    I have five bottles from the Courvoisier Erte collection which are in mint condition, unopened and in orginal boxes with paper work. I am looking for a buyer, is anyone interested in acquiring them?

  5. Avatar

    i have a full set of 7 bottles–completely sealed with paperwork–would like to sell–contact me at this email

  6. Avatar
    Richard Lewis

    I currently have the complete 8 bottle collection set, including the rare #8.
    I’m looking to sell the set, but not give it away.
    Please contact me if interested.
    [email protected]

  7. Avatar

    looking for erte #5 in original box…..degustation

  8. Avatar
    michael yates

    I also have a full set and am wondering what should I expect to get for the set{all boxed}Also a spare of no 3. I would like to trade for a no 8 give or take a few pounds!

  9. Avatar

    I have exact same as above: Vendanges SN H7533 in complete intact box with complete documentation. Contact me if interested in making a bid. at [email protected].

  10. Avatar

    I have this special edition decanter by Erte (sealed with contents) inherited in an estate and do not know if I have the bos.

    I want to sell decanter.

    Please contact me via e-mail.
    [email protected]

  11. Avatar
    steve calabrese

    i have 5 different bottles of erte in the case priistine condition with certificates
    #2,#6,#7 and # 8 induit i would like to sell them all

  12. Avatar

    I have (2) mint condition Vigne series bottles with original boxes and paperwork, unopened and one #4 series also unopened but without box and paperwork.

    I’d interested in selling all 3 to a serious buyer.

    Lance Goler
    [email protected]

  13. Avatar
    Nicole Salomone

    I have a complete set of the 7 Erte Courvoisier collection sealed in the boxes. Contact me for more information. 386-562-4665

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Here is my email swaggerprive at gmail . com
    ERTE #1 unopen. Also open is bottle #2. Let me know

  16. Avatar
    ken baker

    Will sell my bottle for $650.00. e-mail me.

  17. Avatar
    Mike nguyen

    I offer 400$ a bottle who want to sale email me

  18. Avatar

    Anybody interested to buy complete collection of Erte` Courvoisier Collection, please let me know. Thank you

  19. Avatar
    michael yates

    I have a boxed number 2 and am at Twickenham UK. PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER .

  20. Avatar

    I have a full set of erte cognac collections with certifications but no boxes $9000 contact me at 713 545 6956 ask for solomon.

  21. Avatar

    I have Ertè #2 is on sale now.
    Please contact me. Best offer. Location Italy.

  22. Avatar

    I have an unopened bottle of Courvoisier Erte #2 vendages with the original box that I want to sell. Located in central New Jersey, USA. Retail price $3,499.00 make an offer.

  23. Avatar

    Have brand new in box Erte 1, Vigne to sell with all paper work.
    Location: North New Jersey, USA

  24. Avatar

    I will buy Courvoisier Erte with box in VG condition:
    No.1 – $1,200
    No.2 – $750
    Retail is nowhere near $3,499 for any of the Erte bottles…

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Have brand new in box No.1 to sell at $1,700.
    Located in New Jersey, USA

  27. Avatar

    I will buy Courvoisier Erte with box in VG condition:
    No.2 = Vendanges = Lady holding up grapes

  28. Avatar
    Solomon George

    Looking to buy empty erte couversier boxes 1 to 7. Please contact me.

  29. Avatar

    I am looking for bottle #8! If you have one for sale please contact me with details.

  30. Avatar

    Je vends une bouteille de Cognac courvoisier n°2, les vendanges , de la collection Erté , au prix de 1200 € + frais de port en colis suivit et assuré.

  31. Avatar

    Environ 2 x la valeur de revente de ce cognac sur le marche des cognacs d’occasion

  32. Avatar

    Vends une bouteille cognac Erté N°2 les vendanges, dans son coffret.
    700€ à debatre .

  33. Avatar

    I have Erte Vendages ( lady holding up grapes) bottle in original box and Certs for sale €1000

  34. Avatar
    larry lannan

    i have two complete sets 1 thru 8 Erte for sale for best offer, larry lannan

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