Here comes Courvoisier again. Courvoisier Cognac has launched two new gift packs combining Courvoisier XO and luxury perfumes.

Entitled the Celebration Sensorielle XO and the Celebration Initial Extra, the packs contain a 700ml bottle of Courvoisier XO Cognac and two fragrances in different forms created by scent technician, Ericka Duffy. The first scent is Nuit Debordante (which translates as ‘heady night’) that evokes the aroma of ‘glamour and intrigue of Paris after dark’. It brings to mind candied oranges, patchouli and tobacco. The second, Brise de Vincennes (the breeze from Vincennes) is all about the smells of daytime Paris in the bygone era of Belle Époque – vanilla, coffee and fresh bread.

New Courvoisier Cognac and Fragrance Gift Packs

The idea of these fragrances combined with cognac is to heighten the experience of sipping cognac, and memories of a time from between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 through to the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914.

The gift packs are being released in the UK through Maxxium UK. Chris Anderson, the company’s marketing controller for luxury brands, says, “Spirits consumers are becoming more involved with the brands they choose than ever before. They have a need to connect with a brand through authentic experiences, so we developed these luxury gift packs to give cognac connoisseurs and those that enjoy the finer things in life the opportunity to experience Courvoisier like never before”.

Undoubtedly thinking of the upcoming Christmas period, the packs are available to purchase in various outlets in the UK, including Harvey Nichol, Harrods, Hedonism and Fortnum and Mason.

New Courvoisier Cognac and Fragrance Gift Packs

The first pack, Celebration Sensorielle XO includes a bottle of Courvoisier XO Cognac, and 20 aroma cones – 10 of each fragrance. A book of tasting notes and the brand history of the cognac house is also included. The cost of this pack is £190.

Celebration Sensorielle Inititale includes the cognac, two fragranced candles and the brand history book. The retail price is £397.



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New Courvoisier Cognac and Fragrance Gift Packs

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