Courvoisier can always be guaranteed to think up innovative ways of presenting their brand to a brand new audience.  Teaming up to create various ‘fantasy’ events with other brands has seen Courvoisier VSOP become the fastest growing cognac brand in the UK, overtaking Remy Martin VSOP over Christmas 2010.  It now boasts a total value market share of 63%.

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Marketing Controller, Eileen Livingston, explained that the idea has been to ‘create a buzz and talkability through an experience associated with the brand.’

Some of the previous fantasy events have seen Courvoisier, in association with jelly makers, Bompas Parr and immersive theatre company, Punchdrunk, flood a London building with punch and allow visitors to sail around on a fruit shaped raft!

Last year at the Secret Garden Festival, Courvoisier created a pedal-powered punch machine.

Livingston has said that these marketing ventures have really hit the spot with a whole new audience of consumers, moving away from the traditional ideal of cognac only being for the older generation or, more recently, associated with hip-hop music stars.

At these fantasy events the company is trying to bring across the message that cognac doesn’t have to be drunk straight, and that it’s a truly mixable drink for punch and various cocktails.

Keep an eye out for the brand at various electro-swing events throughout the UK this year, including The Brighton Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Courvoisier have teamed up with White Mink to bring back the music and styles of the twenties and thirties combined with the up-to-date sounds of the 21st century.


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The Courvoisier Fantasy: An Advertising Dream

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