Last year Maxxium UK grew sales of its Courvoisier Punch by a massive 10% and they are now investing £15 million pounds during 2011 to further push young adults towards the drink.

The campaign is to be called ‘Upgrade’, and Eileen Livingston, marketing controller for Courvoisier UK has said that the punch has really helped attract the younger market who have previously not known or understood the pleasure of cognac.


Throughout the summer there will be extensive opportunities at many major UK events and festivals to sample Courvoisier Punch.  In keeping with the younger market, White Mink – a UK producer of electro-swing music – will provide a hip soundtrack to complement the marketing push.

Janice McIntosh, Courvoisier UK marketing manager says they are eager to communicate to younger drinkers that Courvoisier Punch is a way to upgrade their usual drink choice and to encourage more consumers to try cognac.


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Courvoisier’s £15 Million Upgrade Pulls no Punches

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    Ole Cigar

    “Courvoisier Punch… White Mink – a UK producer of electro-swing music..”

    The remaining strategy to get rid of inferior cognac? That’s the message they are sending me!

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