Well, we know it’s the time of year for new cognacs to be brought to market, but Courvoisier have certainly ‘one-upped’ everyone by bringing out four at the same time.

Released exclusively to the UK market, this limited edition range tells the story of the cognac house through the ages, and is the creation of Courvoisier’s master blender, Patrice Pinet. The range celebrates the work of all of the master blenders throughout the house’s history – six in total.


Each cognac has been produced using eaux-de-vie from Courvoisier’s hallowed Paradis Cellar – the location of only the oldest and rarest of all the house’s cognacs.

Of the new range, UK marketing controller for luxury brands at Maxxium (the UK distributor of Courvoisier) said, “Courvoisier is a storied cognac, and with the release of these limited editions, the heritage and creative expertise that is involved in producing Courvoisier can be told through the rich aromatic liquid our master blender has been able to achieve”.

Ranging from £1,000 to over £50,000 in price, let’s take a look at each of the cognacs in more detail:

Courvoisier Reserve 1978 Cognac

The least expensive of the range at £1,100 sterling, this expression has matured for 35 years. It was first selected for a “privileged aging” by the previous master blender of Courvoisier, Jean-Marc Olivier, when he noted that this vintage had “exceptional quality”. It’s described by Courvoisier as having tones of honey, ripe plums, wood and mushroom.  Only 10 bottles have been produced.

Courvoisier Reserve 1978 - £1,100

Courvoisier Heritage de Louis Renard Cognac

At £7,500, this is a blend of cognacs that were the responsibility of Courvoisier’s first master blender of the 20th Century, Louis Renard. Created from cognacs that date from 1860 to 1914, the core of the blend is an 1893 vintage that was chosen for its “balance, richness and depth”.  50 bottles of this blend are being produced, each presented in Baccarat crystal decanters.


L’Esprit de Josephine Cognac

This cognac is a tribute to the first empress of France and grandmother of Napoleon III, Josephine de Beauharnais. A truly limited edition of only 14, it’s presented in a Lalique crystal decanter engraved with a J, and is a blend of eaux-de-vies dating to the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. Costing £9,715 per decanter, the cognac boasts floral notes – a celebration of Josephine’s famous rose garden.

L’Esprit de Josephine - £9,715

Courvoisier Tribute Borderies Cognac

In a limited edition of only five, you’ll need deep pockets to purchase the flagship of the range. £51,600 will buy you a hand-blown demijohn (dames-jeanne) of this single estate, 50-year-old Borderies cognac. The contents of the demijohn can be decanted into 43 bespoke 70cl bottles.

Courvoisier Tribute Borderies – £51,600

In addition to the cognac, this purchase also comes with the opportunity to visit Courvoisier, see the Paradis cellar, dine with Patrice Pinet and enjoy a guided cognac tasting.


Read more about Courvoisier Cognac.

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Courvoisier Releases Four XO Limited Edition Cognacs

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