We start the week with this both beautiful and well-preserved Cordon Bleu Cognac by Martell, that is located in United Kingdom.

The Reader writes “Invited to the 2nd Seagram/Martell North East Trade Annual Banquet & Ball at The Three Tuns Hotel Durham on Monday 25th November 1991 and was lucky to win the top prize – the special edition of the decanter. It has been totally covered and placed in a dark cupboard and is in excellent condition after all these years. Still have presentation photograph with Patrick F Martell and the menu for that evening.”

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Martell Cordon Bleu CognacFull Bottle with presentation box

The label reads: Baccarat a specialement edite de flacon de cristal taille a la main pour Le Cognac MARTELL – personally signed by Patrick F. Martell, President du Directoire Martell et Cie.

Tax labels, revenue, signs or similar: No

Martell Cordon Bleu CognacLabel attached to bottle

How has the bottle been stored:

  • In a dry place
  • At room temperature

Some more information about the bottle:

  • Everythings seems fine

Martell Cordon Bleu CognacClose up of cork and brandy level

The level of the cognac: High shoulder or top shoulder: the level of cognac has reached the upper curve of the shoulder

Our reader would like to sell this bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac.

Please make your offers, ask questions or inform us about this bottle – give your opinion. Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting your email address into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

Buyers please note: We do not accept simply pasting email addresses into the comments – please make an offer first; then later on we will connect buyer and seller. Thank you.

For both bottle owners and potential buyers: If you want to get in touch with respective owners or buyers please send a mail to [email protected] expressing this wish.

Sellers please note: ​ ​To be put in contact with potential buyers, we ask for the service to be supported by paying a nominal fee of 5% of the final price agreed , ​min. $10, to a max. of $200. These amounts help us improve the blog and make the website better for bottle owners, collectors and everyone else who uses it. And naturally, in the event that you don’t end up completing the sale of your bottle, this amount will be refunded.

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Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac

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Jacki has been with Cognac Expert from virtually the beginning. She's the senior editor of the blog, and has spent much of her life living in rural France. Today she's based back in the UK, where she splits her working life between writing for Cognac Expert and working as a Paramedic at a large regional hospital.


  1. Avatar

    Appears to be a 1980s US bottle? Does it say “The Jos. Garneau Company” on a label near the neck?
    Due to the 750mL volume it is more likely a US version than a European one.
    The blue velvet box is from the most recent version of the Martell Baccarat sets.
    I can offer you $850 if you are willing to ship to France.

  2. Avatar

    The label states the cognac was produced in France. The decanter was personally brought over by Patrick F Martell and I believe a similar one has just sold for 1100 euros in Norway. As stated in the article I have the Baccarat card with his signature too.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you for the first offer, will wait and see what further offers are made.

  4. Avatar

    Michael, nice to hear back from you. I am sorry you are correct, it is the one that sold in Norway for $1000 just got the price wrong. With your expertise, would the value be any more with Patrick F Martell’s signature on the Baccarat card that is enclosed with the decanter and also I have the menu with his picture on and also a photograph of him presenting the decanter to me. Look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. Avatar

    I would be willing to purchase your boxed bottle for $1.050.00. I am in the U.S. So shipping and insurance should be nominal. I look forward to hearing frm you.

  6. Avatar

    Nominal indeed… except that Jack and the cognac are in both the UK…
    You cannot get it into the USA unless you have some inside track with US Customs… I am also in the US but was offering shipping to relatives in France because I know I cannot get it to the US directly. If the bottle was in the US I would gladly pay $1,000.

  7. Avatar

    Edward, thank you for your offer which I am pleased to consider. I am currently awaiting response from Sebastian as to how I carry out this transaction with you.

  8. Avatar

    Thank you for your comments to Edward which is very much appreciated. I was not aware that you cannot ship to US. The bottom of my decanter is stamped Baccarat France. Are you prepared to pay for shipping to France as well as $850. I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Avatar

    Hello Jack,
    Since the item is in the U.K. , I’m willing to take the responsibility of handling the shipping to the US. My original offered price to you is still at $1,050. If this is satisfactory, I can arrange a couple of options in order to facilitate the shipping and duties to the US. I look forward hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Edward.

  10. Avatar

    I am still good with $850 + shipping cost to France which should not be so difficult.

    I don’t want it shipped to the US because of all the potential Customs hassle, not to mention the fact that shipping alcohol inside the US is illegal (crazy laws). It is possible (even likely) that the bottle can “slip through the nets” but not worth the hassle if it does not. I would suggest avoiding regular mail since US Postal Service has a policy of “confiscate and destroy” if they discover alcohol in a package they are handling (my own sad experience). Then you even get a “personal call” from a US Postal Inspector… Private package carriers like UPS/FedeX are more lenient and more careful.

    If you decide to go with my offer you can contact me, I will send you the money and a shipping address in France. But I understand that Edward’s offer could be more attractive.

  11. Avatar

    Your offer is very interesting but I am concerned about the legality of shipping to US and that I could be the loser.

  12. Avatar

    As I have not heard back from Edward are you still good with the offer of $850 plus shipping costs to France. Look forward to hearing from you

  13. Avatar

    I am still good – I was waiting to hear back from you.

  14. Avatar

    I am going to contact Sebastian to arrange payment to Cognac Expert. Thanks

  15. Avatar

    Jack, I sent a message to you recently regarding making the purchase. I thought you felt you would be the loser if I made the purchase because of shipping to the U.S.. I made arrangements with a broker that has assured the delivery to me by clearing all U.S. Customs requirements. I hope I am not too late. It is unfortunate you did not receive my comment. My price of $1050 is still what I will pay.

  16. Avatar

    I must have lost out on the purchase of your bottle. There are ways to get a single bottle through U.S. Customs but it does require research, a hard working broker and money. I had made all the neccesary arrangements but Im sure another collectors comments had made you feel uncomfortable with our transaction.

  17. Avatar

    Just for the record: this bottle has been sold for $850. Thanks to both seller and bidders

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