The continued lack of rainfall is beginning to have an effect on the vines in nearly every region of France.

In the Charentes the vines are growing, albeit slowly.  Luckily the flowering went well but the vines are not their usual bright green colour that one would expect at this time of year.  The quality and quantity of the grape yield remains at risk from the lack of rain, says Stephane Roy, Vice President of the Cognac Union of Wine Distillers.

Dry Soil in Charente and France

The Champagne region is also suffering, and the water shortage is likely to impact on the formation of the grapes and their growth.  The CIVC reported wine warnings on May 31, 2011 as the situation becomes more worrying.

The BSV (bulletin de santé du végétal) in Aquitaine reports slow growth, symptoms of water stress and mineral deficiency.

In the Jura, growers have also noted slowing growth and also some symptoms of heat scalding in some sectors of vineyards.

Alsace and the northern Cotes-du-Rhone growers are being asked to ensure they manage weed infestations to help limit the stress caused to the vines by the lack of water.


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Continuing Drought is affecting the Vines

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