Paris Concours Général Agricole (CGA) 2014 has delivered its verdict for this year. Here is the list of award-winning producers in Cognac and/or Pineau des Charentes (for the Charentes region). And, for the first time, we’ve managed to contact all the winners to get the official judges’ comments, which we think will be of real interest for our readers.

Established in 1870, the Concours Général Agricol is a French agricultural show funded and organized by the French ministries of agriculture, food, fisheries and rural affairs. It’s co-owned by the Paris National Exhibition Centre, and it is here that the event is hosted on an annual basis.  The aim of the competition is to select and reward the very best French products. And the event is widely respected for both its impartiality and its rigorous judging processes, aided by its long-running success and the fact that it’s government controlled.

Paris CGA



gold medalCognac De Luze VSOP Fine Champagne.

Gold Medal. Producer: Cognac de Luze SAS. Location: 16130 ANGEAC-CHAMPAGNE. Year: 2007. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume: 143hL.

« Good density, fine, distinguished nose, feminine, harmonious. »

gold medalDomaine de Birius VSOP Petite Champagne.

Gold Medal. Producer: EARL Bouyer. Location: 17800 BIRON. Year: n/a. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume: 6.5hL.

« A beautifully complex cognac, with an elegant and balanced character. »

argCognac VSOP Joan Brisson.

Silver Medal. Producer: Joan Brisson. Location: 17160 MATHA. Year: 2001. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume : 7.73hL.

« Great finesse and good length in the mouth. »

bronze medal Cognac Grande Réserve S. Lascaux.

Bronze Medal. Producer: EARL des Renfermis . Location: 16720 SAINT-MEME-LES-CARRIERES. Year: 2000. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume : 17hL.

« Nice cognac, charming and delicious, finely structured and round. Nice finish. »


Cognac AOC XO


gold medalFamille Drouet Cognac XO.

Gold Medal. Producer: Michel et Françoise Drouet. Location: 17800 COULONGES. Year: 1972, 1980, 1987. Strenght: 42% abv. Volume: 261.7hL.

« Dried fruit, apricot, good structure, rich, long finish. »

gold medalCognac Petite Champagne Très vieille réserve de la famille Estève.

Gold Medal. Producer: Jacques Estève. Location: 17520 CELLES. Year: 1979. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume: 5hL.

« Elegant, very fruity, jasmine, powerful and rich mouthfeel with a good length in the mouth. »

gold medalTrès vieux cognac Henri Geffard.

Gold Medal. Producer: Henri Geffard. Location: 16130 VERRIERES. Year: n/a. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume: 46hL.

Tasting comments: n/a.

gold medalCognac Borderies XO Domaine du Puits Faucon.

Gold Medal. Producer: SCEA Domaine du Puits Faucon. Location: 17770 BURIE. Year: 1992. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume: 7.5hL.
Tasting comments: n/a.

argCognac XO Joan Brisson.

Silver Medal. Producer: Joan Brisson. Location: 17160 MATHA. Year: 1995. Strenght: 40% abv. Volume : 6.4hL.

« Beautifully balanced, good persistence, great finesse. »

argCognac Excellence Hors d’Age Grande Champagne Saunier Jean Claude.

Silver Medal. Producer: Jean Claude Saunier. Location: 16130 SEGONZAC. Year: 1971. Strenght: 41% abv. Volume : 3hL.

« Intense. Harmonious. Slightly too sweet but rich and interesting length. »


Pineau des Charentes blanc AOC


gold medalPineau blanc Château Bellevue.

Gold Medal. Producer: Arrivé Jean-Guy et Bruno SAS. Location: 17260 VIROLLET. Vintage(s): 2011. Grape variety: Ugni blanc/Colombard. Volume: 600hL.
« A well-developed nose, with roundness. The palate is well balanced and harmonious. Very long finish. »

argPineau blanc Famille Drouet.

Silver Medal. Producer: Michel et Françoise Drouet. Location: 17800 COULONGES. Vintage(s): 2005/2007/2009. Grape variety: n/a. Volume: 25hL.

« Very nice presentation a little closed at first, which opens onto beautiful aromas. Light end, but very fruity, peppery and long palate presence. »

argPineau blanc Domaine de Birius.

Silver Medal. Producer: EARL Bouyer. Location: 17800 BIRON. Vintage(s): 2010. Grape variety: Ugni blanc. Volume: 37hL.

« Brilliant. Elegant finish. A beautiful acidic mouth feel, white fruits of pear and granny smith apple that leaves a lasting impression. »

argPineau blanc Moreau.

Silver Medal. Producer: EURL Moreau. Location: 16250 BECHERESSE. Vintage(s): 2010/2011. Grape variety: Colombard/Montils. Volume: 28.4hL.

« Good product, balanced and harmonious. Lack of length. »

argPineau blanc Reynac.

Silver Medal. Producer: H. Mounier SA. Location: 16100 COGNAC. Vintage(s): 2011. Grape variety: Ugni blanc/Sauvignon. Volume: 5hL.

Tasting comments: n/a.

argPineau blanc « Tradition » Le Plantis des Vallées.

Silver Medal. Producer: SCEA Le Plantis des Vallées. Location: 17490 MACQUEVILLE. Vintage(s): 2009. Grape variety: Ugni blanc. Volume: 50hL.

« Good intensity on the nose and palate, good balance, finesse, slightly matured. »


Pineau des Charentes blanc vieux AOC


argVieux Pineau blanc Domaine de Landon.

Silver Medal. Producer: Stéphane Aupit. Location: 16120 BASSAC. Vintage(s): 2006. Grape variety: Ugni blanc. Volume : 20hL.

Tasting comments: n/a.


Vieux Pineau blanc Marc Dubois.

Silver Medal. Producer: Marc Dubois. Location: 17800 COULONGES. Vintage(s): 2004. Grape variety: Ugni blanc/Colombard. Volume: 10hL.

« Beautiful amber color. Intense nose of orange peel, honey, bitter orange. Very long on the palate, supported by a fine acidity. »


Pineau des Charentes blanc très vieux AOC


gold medalTrès Vieux Pineau blanc Quétier.

Gold Medal. Producer: SCEA Quétier. Location: 16120 BASSAC. Vintage(s): 1999. Grape variety: Ugni blanc. Volume: 53hL.

« Pleasant woody sensations, fruity, good balance and length in the mouth. »


Pineau des Charentes rosé/rouge AOC


gold medalPineau rouge Domaine de Birius.

Gold Medal. Producer: EARL Bouyer. Location: 17800 BIRON. Vintage(s): n/a. Grape variety: Merlot/Cabernet franc. Volume: 19.2hL.

« A beautiful colour. A fresh and intense aromatic experience. A rich and complex mouth feel. »

gold medalPineau rosé Moreau.

Gold Medal. Producer: EURL Moreau. Location: 16250 BECHERESSE. Vintage(s): 2010/2011. Grape variety: Merlot/Cabernet. Volume: 25.2hL.

« Well balanced, round, flavour intensity in the mouth, harmonious.»

gold medalPineau rosé Veuve Baron et fils.

Gold Medal. Producer: SCEA Vignobles Baron. Location: 16370 CHERVES-RICHEMONT. Vintage(s): 2006/2011. Grape variety: Merlot. Volume: 34.2hL.

Tasting comments: n/a.

argPineau rosé Vignobles Morandiere.

Silver Medal. Producer: Vignobles Morandiere. Location: 17150 SAINT-GEORGES-DES-AGOUTS. Vintage(s): 2010/2011. Grape variety: Merlot/Cabernet sauvignon. Volume: 8hL.

Tasting comments: n/a.

argPineau rosé Drouet & fils.

Silver Medal. Producer: SARL Drouet et fils. Location: 16130 SALLES-D’ANGLES. Vintage(s): 2010. Grape variety: Merlot/Cabernet franc/Cabernet sauvignon. Volume: 21hL.

« Beautiful light color, pleasant nose, slightly fruity, remarkable length in the mouth. »


Pineau des Charentes rosé/rouge vieux AOC


argVieux Pineau rosé Groussin « Réserve Privée ».

Silver Medal. Producer: WG Spirits & Wine. Location: 17610 CHERAC. Vintage(s): n/a. Grape variety: Merlot. Volume: 34hL.

« Long finish. Warm. Good balance. »


Congratulations to all the producers!

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