Our reader has a Extra Courvoisier Cognac “Collection Ertè” set, with 7 bottles – and would like to sell! A great set..

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Complete Courvoisier Collection Erte 7 Bottles with cases and certifications

Complete “Ertè Collection”

Extra Courvoisier Cognac “Collection Ertè”. The name of the bottle is written in every case and every bottle.
n°1 “Vigne”; n°2 “Vendanges”; n°3 “Distillation“; n°4 “Vieillissement”; n°5 “L’Esprit du Cognac”; n°6 “Dégustation”; n°7 “La Port des Anges”

“My father buyed the collection more or less 22 years ago. Now the bottles were conserved in our family house in Sansepolcro, near Arezzo, in Tuscany, Italy”

Complete Courvoisier Collection Erte 7 Bottles with cases and certifications

Last four bottles of the “Ertè Collection”

Our reader would like to sell.

For buyers, please note: We do not accept buyers just ‘dropping’ their email address in the post, but as a buyer you first need to place an offer, a bid for the bottle; without the email address, then we wait for a response by the seller, and then you are allowed to communicate email addresses. Why? Because we would like to keep these price structures as open as possible. Thank you.

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Complete Courvoisier Collection Erte 7 Bottles with cases and certifications

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  1. Avatar

    Please send me a real value for offer. If is possible your last price and details delivery.
    Thank’s a lot

  2. Avatar

    Hi, I can offer about 4000€ for the whole set, I’d pay in cash and pick up in Italy. If you are interested please let me know

  3. Avatar

    I have a boxed number 2,I am in Twickenham UK,any offers?

  4. Avatar

    IF # 2 is available I LIKE 2 GIVE you 550.00 US DOLLARS. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  5. Avatar
    Henry Wolf

    Michael.y if you have not sold your number 2 bottle, I would be interested in knowing a price in U.S. dollars that you would accept. I would need a picture of the bottle and box with information card. Please email as soon as possible.
    May 31,2013 Thank you

  6. Avatar
    Jennifer Machiorlatti

    Sorry to post about my own collection. But I have two full sets (with #8 bottle) and also some extras of 1-7 — would like to sell if you might recommend where and how to do that. USA based — near Chicago. They are beautiful bottles — amazing art!

  7. Avatar

    I can offer $7500.00 ,if some one had a set and want to sale it,please let me.


  8. Avatar

    hi all

    I have a full collection
    8 bottles

    with certificate and original box
    complete colection 1 to 7 + 8

  9. Avatar

    Hi laurent ;

    what is the price u ask for full collection 8 bottles,please let me know

  10. Avatar
    Jennifer M

    My understanding on this blog is that buyers make concrete offers online and provides means for seller to contact them via email to make arrangements. I am in USA – Midwest region, but willing to drive or ship an entire collection – bottle 1 thru 8. (1-7 have recently gone for 7500 usd ). Thank you

  11. Avatar

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for your post. Just a quick hint: If you own a cognac bottle (or bottles) simply Submit Your Bottle and go to http://blog.cognac-expert.com/contact/

    This way you can upload beautiful images, add sufficient information about the condition, history etc.

    It allows others to get a much better idea of what you have at home.


  12. Avatar
    Roy Hodder

    Hi All, I have the full set (1-7) of the Erte collection all with the same number unopened and in perfect condition. I also have one of the few ( rare) Inedit decanters that was used on the Orient Express for the launch in 1995.
    I’m based in the UK and prepared to sell at the right price.

  13. Avatar

    For John: we can talk about your offer of 7500 $. Please contact me trough a private email. regards

  14. Avatar

    Asking price is 10,000 USD complete set of 7
    Xtra courvoisier simply amazing , mint condition

  15. Avatar

    John I can give you the set from 1 to 7 bottles for $7500 if u like

  16. Avatar
    Bill Duff

    Have an Erte Collection 1 – 7 in original boxes and in perfect condition. Asking $12,000.00.

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