It’s always a fun time when the results of various spirit competitions are announced, and now it’s the turn of the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

We have most of the awarded Cognacs IN STOCK, as you can see below. From Delamain, Hine to Remy Martin, Jean Fillioux or Louis Royer, Frapin

Held in New York City, this competition is all about creating an accurate and useful evaluation for wines and spirits, and therefore promoting the quality of such products.  By appointing some of the most respected authorities and names in the industry, the Ultimate Beverage Challenge (which encompasses both the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and The Ultimate Wine Challenge) has become a world-class event that all producers aspire to.

Ultimate Spirits 2013

The judges taste each product blind, and then give their score.  In all the sections, there were a total of 33 Chairman’s Trophies awarded that represent the best of each sector.  In addition to this, each individual product is given a score, and this translates as follows:

–  95-100 = Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation

–  90-94 = Excellent, Highly Recommended

–  85-89 = Very Good, Strong Recommendation

–  80-84 = Good, Recommended

Ultimate Spirits Cognac Award

So, the results in the Cognac section are as follows: Winner of the Chairman’s Trophy is the Hardy XO Cognac that scored a total of 98 points.

The Finalists

–  Jean Fillioux Cognac XO Grande Reserve Cognac »”>Reserve Cognac IN STOCK – 97 points

–  Delamain Extra XO Cognac Grande Champagne Cognac IN STOCK – 96 points

–  Frapin Extra 50 Years Old Cognac Grande Champagne Cognac IN STOCK – 96 points

–  Louis Royer XO Cognac IN STOCK – 96 points

–  Frapin VIP XO Cognac IN STOCK – 95 points
Frapin VIP XO

–  VSOP RARE”>Hine Rare VSOP Cognac IN STOCK – 95 points

–  Merlet“>Merlet Cognac Brothers Blend Cognac – 94 points

–  Remy Martin 1738 Fine Champagne Cognac IN STOCK – 94 points

Cognac Winners: 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Results

–  Delamain Pale & Dry XO Cognac IN STOCK – 93 points

Delamain XO Pale & Dry

–  Louis Royer VSOP Force 53 Cognac IN STOCK – 93 points

Force 53

The following were not finalists, but all received excellent scores so are definitely worth a mention:

–  Hardy VSOP Cognac – 92 points

–  Lise Baccara XO Cognac – 92 points

–  Louis Royer VSOP Preference Cognac IN STOCK – 92 points

–  Landy VSOP Cognac – 89 points

–  Landy VS Cognac – 89 points

–  Leopold Raffin VSOP Cognac – 88 points

–  D’Usse VSOP Cognac – 88 points

–  H by Hine VSOP Cognac IN STOCK – 86 points

–  Remy Martin VSOP Cognac – 86 points



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Cognac Winners: 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Results

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  1. Avatar

    Very interesting to see that it is the smaller producers that are maintaining the highest quality still, whereas the likes of Hennessy and Martel appear to be no-where… Perhaps these two didn’t bother entering the competition?

    The quality of most of the larger houses’ products has been reducing for the last few years because of the unprecedented increase in demand from the far east etc meaning that the big boys have had to reduce the ages of their products in order to satisfy the increase in demand.

    You are always more likely to get a reliable product and reliable quality from the smaller producers.

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