The city of Cognac is, of course, world famous – mainly for the obvious reason of its production of eaux-de-vie.  At a recent General Assembly the visitor figures for 2010 were revealed, showing that over 40% of last year’s 22,000 visitors were foreigners.

And whilst it’s a well-known fact that the British love to visit the vineyards, last year saw great increases visits from Americans, Swedes and Norwegians.  These were up 24.3%, 47% and 14.8% respectively.

Town of Cognac (Porte St Jacques)

However, what really is exciting is the massive potential of welcoming the Chinese tourists as their increasing love of cognac is proving a massive draw for them to visit.  A recent delegation of tour operators and journalists from China were received by the mayor of Cognac, Michel Gourinchas, who is keen to encourage the Chinese to visit.

To this end a brochure is to be published in Swedish, Mandarin and Norwegian.

Pic: GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2,  Jack ma

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Cognac is Truly a Stop on the International Tourist Map

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