Last week saw the UK launch of Cognac Tesseron’s Extreme – a unique blend of 10 aged cognacs dating from between 1853 – 1906. Melanie Tesseron of Château Pontet-Canet who produce the eaux-de-vie, along with other wines, has spoken of their delight at being awarded full biodynamic certification in January 2011.

Cognac Tesseron Boxes

The natural wine movement is increasing in momentum, with more and more people being drawn to buying wines and cognacs produced in this way.

Cognac Tesseron Extreme

Château Pontet-Canet lost their biodynamic status for three years from 2007 due to a bout of mildew, meaning they had to resort to using chemicals.

Ms Tesseron said “It takes real determination to be biodynamic. You have to be very close to the vineyard and practically live in it in order for it to work. Our technical director Jean-Michel Comme never leaves our vineyard – he lives and breathes it.”

Cognac Tesseron Extreme

Tesseron Extreme is the house’s most recent cognac.  It comes presented in a beautiful, hand-blown Italian bottle and is the oldest cognac they produce.


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Biodynamic Status Makes Tesseron Extreme A Cognac To Be Reckoned With

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    this is absolutly the best blend i ever had the chance to try… very very inspiring experience.

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