Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac XO Excellence

Rémy Martin XO Excellence Review: Taste, Price and Value

Here comes a review about a well known Fine Champagne XO, probably one of the most popular in the world: The deep rich tones of Remy Martin XO Excellence catch the light as it twinkles through the cognac glass.  But do the promised delights live up to the expectations on actual tasting? Buy for $ 207.70 Well, the aroma is certainly more than pleasant, with spicy tones and a somewhat floral tinge adding to the tasting anticipation.  And on sipping this blend...
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Bache Gabrielsen 1995 Borderies

Review Bache Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Borderies 1995

Valentin and a small group of cognac lovers taste and write reviews for - today: Review and tasting of Bache Gabrielsen « Pure & Rustic » Borderies 1995: Single Cru, Single Estate, Vintage. The eye is clear and golden pale. The first nose of vegetable nature is unveils, to ether, to form a certain "glow" is evocative ... further more we discover hay and dried fruits. This Cognac, which seemed rather light, is relatively complex and warm. The attack is soft and, like...
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Hennessy Black Cognac

Hennessy Black Cognac Review and Price

We finally had the opportunity to taste the "Black Henny".  And no, the Cognac itself is not black (it's just the bottle). This was Hennessy's first major new product on a large scale (launched in 2009). And as Hennessy perfectly understood the relevance of the American market, they called the bottle 'Black'.  It was back in 1961 when Hennessy VS was introduced to the market. Receive Hennessy Black availability alert It’s difficult to find certain cognacs – and this one isn't currently...
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Hine Rare Fine Champagne VSOP

Hine Rare Fine Champagne VSOP: Bottle Review

Hine Rare Fine Champagne is a VSOP Cognac of the highest quality. This Cognac is a rich but at the same time extremely gentle drink made up of a blend of twenty-five different Cognacs from the Grande and the Petite Champagne. It constitutes 40% of Petite Champagne and 60% of Grande Champagne blends. The bottle with its wooden cap is a distinguished bottle bearing the logo of the Hine estate. The youngest one of the eaux-de-vie in the Hine Rare VSOP...
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Cognac Salignac VS

Cognac Salignac VS: bottle review

The Salignac VS Cognac is a very young Cognac, and belongs to one of the leading producers in the world: Courvoisier. As this Cognac is a three star or VS Cognac, it is probably not older than 2 1/2 years or 3, not aged for a long time. The Salignac Cognac helped Courvoisier a lot in the global economic crisis to maintain more or less stable. The Cognac comes from Salignac-sur-Charente, 15 km away from Jarnac. At Salignac, appearently the...
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