Review: Martell Caractère

Some time ago we reported about the Martell Caractère, a new blend by Martell  that’s being launched only in California, USA. And now we’ve had the chance to taste it, with the following results. Product notes The first thing you're confronted with is the bottle: a slim design, but somewhat keen and bold – apparently a reference to the company's founder, Jean Martell. But before we even get to the tasting, we have two probing questions that we’d like to understand. 1) Is this a VS...
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Introducing: Château de Plassac Cognac

Château de Plassac: this name denotes an impressive chateau, built by the architect Victor Louis, who also designed the plans for the Palais Royal in Paris, as well as the Grand Theatre in Bordeaux. Inextricably linked with the Dampierre Family, who settled in the region of Cognac during the 18th century, moving to produce cognac, wine and Pineau des Charentes towards the end of the 19th century, this name denotes an old-established spirits production, too. Thus, the name of Château de Plassac...
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Introducing: Raison Personnelle Cognac

It was 1994 when Sabine and Bertrand de Witasse chose to leave their home in Paris to become winemakers in the Charente.  The motivation for the move? Personal reasons (or Raison personnelle in French) - or perhaps a moment of temporary insanity… Today, they successfully operate a 20 hectare vineyard in the town of D’Angeac-Champagne, in the heart of prestigious Grande Champagne country. Cognac Expert (meaning our french editor Elodie) was delighted to meet the couple last month, as well...
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Introducing: Maison 1719 Cognac

We’re pleased to introduce an interesting, yet so far unknown house to our readers: Maison 1719. As the name suggest, the house was founded at the beginning of 18th century, in the village of Touzac by one Pierre-Philippe Joubert. Artisanal approach & tradition The concept behind Maison 1719 Cognac is based on remaining true to the traditional production methods, as well as an artisanal and somewhat artistic approach to making cognac. This is reflected on different levels, beginning with the techniques...
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Hennessy VSOP Reserve

Don Henny’s Hennessy VSOP Grande Reserve Review

This is Don Henny writing on Read all Don Henny articles Hi guys, they call me Don Henny because I love Hennessy. Sophie & Max offered me to write something about my Hennessy collection, and here I come. The first Cognac I'd like to write about today is.. a VSOP from the house of Hennessy of course: Hennessy VSOP Grande Reserve. This cognac came in green glass. Produced until the 1980's in formats 3cl-70/75cl-1L & 1,5L Age 6-15yrs old. Sometimes label shows Grande...
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