And he’s back…  Following his involvement in the Champagne brand Lanson, Jerome Durand has returned to the Cognac business. The former BNIC communications director is to head operations of Altia-owned Cognac Larsen and Cognac Renault.

Sailing close to the Wind: Cognac Larsen & Renault get Reboot

Larsen has been somewhat quiet in recent years.  We reported about the Remy Martin deal  and the takeover by Altia, and now the two cognac houses have taken a new direction, Jerome explains.  He sees the collaboration rather like a business start-up with new people being brought in to make it happen. The main goal of the houses is to once again join the Cognac family with regular participation in all kinds of Cognac business: the Part des Anges cognac auction, Vinexpo, Prowein, and other major fairs.

Sailing close to the Wind: Cognac Larsen & Renault get Reboot

The two Cognac houses under the roof of Altia couldn’t hail from more opposing ends of the scale.  Let’s look at the differences.

Larsen: #Adventure #Scandi #Vikings

Larsen have just developed a new key visual underlining the adventurous taste of the brand.  Obviously Larsen is a very Scandinavian brand.  Everything about it: the name, visuals, and bottles in the shape of ships directly indicate it’s history of the Vikings. The new claim “Spirit of Adventure” tells it all.

Sailing close to the Wind: Cognac Larsen & Renault get Reboot

Also, Larsen is about to refurb their bottle design a little – making it a bit more contemporary.  Jerome explains that Larsen has a character based on three pillars: Fruit & Flowers, Elegant, Pure – controlled and executed by cellar master, Robert Andrieux.

Renault: #French #Traditon #CarteNoir

Formerly owned by Martell and Bisquit, Renault recently underwent a redesign of its product range.  Their latest product pays tribute to the company’s 180th anniversary: Renault Carte Noir Extra Old Limited Edition.  David Croizet is the dedicated cellar master of the brand – and it’s important to note that both brands have different very taste profiles and therefore positioning.

Sailing close to the Wind: Cognac Larsen & Renault get Reboot

Both brands have a comfortable fan and client base in the sScandinavian territories and the Baltics.  The objective here is to hold their market share and then to improve the situation step by step.  Duty Free is another important market for the Cognac company.  While most of Renault’s makes business is in VSOP and older (!) Cognacs, Larsen’s is more in the ranges of VS and VSOP.

Both companies are seeking new importers and territories to conquer a more international market.  This seems be more of a challenge for the Viking brand, while Renault obviously has a solid, french-brand positioning potential.

The brand seems determined but low-key at the same time. Welcome back to the family, Jerome, and of course, Larsen and Renault.

Read more about Larsen or Renault.


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Sailing close to the Wind: Cognac Larsen & Renault get Reboot

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