The House of Frapin, world famous for their cognacs, also produce a small range of perfumes and colognes.  Since the launch in 2002, their most popular product is 1270 – so named after the year when they commenced their wine and cognac production.

But the family of Frapin are no strangers to this world, indeed, back in the 16th century, one of the descendants of the original Frapin family, Pierre Frapin was Apothecary to the king.  But today, with their niche range of perfumes and cognacs, the House of Frapin produces a quality range which has proved very popular amongst both cognac aficionados and perfume lovers.

Frapin 1270

Jean Pierre Cointreau of the House of Frapin says ‘Perfume is comparable to cognac in that it all comes down to the soil and how you work on it.  It also has a lot to do with the senses; with flavours and with smell.’

The creation of this spicy masterpiece is aided by Frapin’s Master Blender, Olivier Paulles – a man who lives by his senses with a memory of tastes and smells.

Frapin 1270 is beautifully presented in a squat bottle and has subtle tones of dried orange, hazelnuts, plums, white honey, vanilla and of course – cognac.

So yesterday we spoke to a perfume professional, who gave us an opinion:

“It’s a cognaccy, rather sweet perfume, subtle earthiness. But you need to like the sweetness, probably the best product of the Frapin cologne range.  The perfume could be compared to Mauboussin and Idole de Lubin. What else is in there: Some spices, nuts, some darker leather and coffee notes. The sweetness somehow is a taste question.”


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Cognac Perfume: Frapin's 1270 Cologne

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