A different kind of Cognac Collectible: The Montegrappa Cognac Pen

Introducing the Cognac Pen, created by renowned Italian maker of top-notch writing items, Montegrappa, in association with Wealth Solutions, specialized on luxury goods.

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As cognac becomes more and more collectible, it comes as no surprise that producers are finding new and innovative ways to include it into other desirable items.

The most exciting thing about the pen for lovers of eaux-de-vie is that it contains a capsule of vintage Gautier 1762 Cognac – the oldest cognac in the world to ever have been sold at auction.

Harvested during the same year that the di Trevi Fountain in Rome was unveiled, and at the time that Catherine the Great became Empress of Russia, the grapes contained within this ancient cognac have endless tales to tell…  Despite the turning of many, many years, a single bottle of this Gautier Cognac survived to be auctioned in NewYork in 2014.

Luxury company, Wealth Solutions, were the buyers at the Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers sale.  The purchase was almost immediately confirmed and entered into the Guinness Book of Records as being the oldest cognac in the world ever to have been sold at auction.

Since then, the contents of the bottle have been carefully decanted into small capsules, and each of these is securely housed within the pen at the top of the ferrule.

So what about the pen?  Montegrappa has a history dating back to the year 1912.  Located in the Vicenza Province of Italy – one of the oldest and most famous jewelry maker regions in the world – they originally made their name producing gold nibs and fountain pens.  Over the years their reputation grew, and they expanded further into making other luxury items, including cufflinks and watches.  They are globally renowned for their production of top quality pens.

The Montegrappa Cognac Pen has been produced as a limited edition.  The body is made of oak wood and sterling silver or gold.  It’s also been created in both a mens and ladies version. 100 have been produced in sterling silver, and only 10 in gold.

The pen can be filled with ink by either a cartridge or converter, and the nib can be of an F, M, or B thickness.  The men’s pen measures 155.50mm, and the ladies one 130.00mm.  In addition, the pen comes presented in a lacquered wooden box, with an inkwell and a memorial book with further information.

Wealth Solutions, the creators of the Cognac Pen, are dedicated to producing unique luxury items that appeal to collectors.  From works of art to whisky, fine Bordeaux wines, to rare vintage cognacs, they’ve also created a range of ‘spirit watches’:  time pieces that not only display extraordinary engineering, but also contain a drop of a unique alcoholic beverage housed within the watch itself.

Buy Montegrappa’s Gautier Cognac Pen directly from us.


Image credits: WealthSolutions

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