Cognac Park: “After darkness, I hope for light”

Cognac Park is definitely a case of ‘less is more.’ This modern craft Cognac is brought to us from the larger distillery Tessendier & Fils. Park was founded by the brothers Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier, as a showcase to bring truly exclusive, artisan Cognacs to market.

World Premiere: Launch Special with PARK

History becomes Legend

The motto of this family brand is, “After darkness, I hope for light”, which is a direct translation of the Latin, “Post Tenebras Spero Lucem.” This motto can be traced back through the Tessendier family history to the 11th century, when the Count de Poitou Guillaum sold a part of his land to his cousin, Viscount Hugues Maingot. He became the Lord of Surgeres, siring three daughters. Fast forward a couple of generations, and Laetitia Mangot married Pierre Tessendier. From thereon, the legend of Tessendier was born.

In 1862, Gaston Tessendier inherited the Domaine du Buisson, the family estate, and other parcels of vineyards and land. This remains the home of the Tessendier distillery to this day.

Gaston loved everything about the family business, and enthusiastically learned all he could about production, distillation, and aging of eaux-de-vie. He in turn handed this knowledge down the line to his sons, and in the wonderful tradition of the region, this continued to be passed down the generations. Today, Jérôme and Lilian Tessendier head the house; centuries of knowledge and passion spanning the years, making them true ‘creators of Cognac’.

Less of a Cellar, more a Treasure Trove

The 14 aging cellars of Tessendier are an Aladdin’s cave of Cognac. Around 20,000 barrels languish here: a wide variety of terroirs, ages, varieties, and qualities. It’s this abundance of choice that allows the Master Blenders to really let their artistic brilliance flow. This truly shines through in the offerings from the Tessendier brothers.

Cognac Park is only one of the brands that stem from the unique expertise and passion of these talented brothers. Their other brands include Grand Breuil, Buisson, and La Foret.

A family-run house

Today, the house of Tessendier remains entirely family-run. Cognac Park was created in honor of a Scottish pioneer, Dominique Park, who fell in love with the region. Park had a dream of producing the most elegant and fine Cognacs the region had ever seen. And being as is at the forefront of what the Tessendier brothers represent, it seemed a fitting name.

Since the creation of the brand Park, their Cognacs have made a global impact. It’s exciting to know that such small batch products are enjoyed far and wide.

A Worldwide Premiere–and a little Touch of Nostalgia

When Max recently visited Prowein, the world’s largest wine and spirit fair, he was somewhat blown away to hear about a new product that Cognac Park were about to release. It’s called Park Mizunara, and as the name suggests, it has a curious Japanese twist. And this is that at the final stage of aging, the blend is finished in barrels made of the Japanese oak of the same name.

This is the first time such a finish has been applied to a Cognac, and it has led to a blend with a distinctly Japanese–we might even dare say–Whisky-esque finish. It’s going to be a huge novelty and comes as a limited edition. So Park Mizunara will no doubt be extremely sought after.

We are proud to announce that Cognac Expert will present Park Mizunara in a worldwide premiere very soon.

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For Max and Sophie, who were brought up in Japan, this concept certainly hit the spot. Of course, Cognac is home, but you always keep a special spot in your heart for the place you grew up.

The finishing process of the Japanese oak lends real character to the Cognac, with floral hints, and aromas of fresh pear, spices, and vanilla. To add to the delight, this is a single cru, Borderies Cognac. It’s no wonder Jérôme and Lilian are so excited about their latest creation. And having tasted it, so are we.

The Park Difference

At Cognac Expert, we applaud and champion the craft, artisan brands. As many of our global readership has already become aware, the quality and finesse of Cognacs from such houses often provide the opportunity to taste incomparable blends, vintages, and qualities–and usually at a cost that falls far below that of the famous names.

Jérôme and Lilian share the responsibility of the Master Blender role. They blend with intuition and emotion, with every product being a unique blend, original to them, and using eaux-de-vie that may well span back through many generations.

From their youngest VS through to the old vintages and terroir specific, the creativity, exclusivity, and sheer quality of Park Cognacs makes this a wonderful house to explore and discover. From the novice taster right through to the connoisseur, the house of Park delights in a unique mix of tradition and innovation.

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