Hiking, Fishing, Golfing in Cognac: And Visiting nearby Producers while you’re at it!

Much as we love to talk about the delights of our favorite drink, there’s always time for other pastimes. The region of Cognac and the Poitou Charentes is superb for interests such as hiking, fishing, and golfing. And of course, if you combine these passions with a tasting at a Cognac house, then could there honestly be a better vacation destination? Walking, hiking, and getting close and personal with the Cognac vineyards We’re big walkers and hikers ourselves, and love to...
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£200K Massougnes Cognac from 1805: The World’s Most Expensive Bottle?

There are expensive bottles of Cognac, and then there’s this 1805 Massougnes bottle that hits a whole new level. Selling for £200,000 sterling (that’s $260,400 US dollars), it’s one of the most expensive bottles of Cognac ever to be sold in Britain, and indeed, the world. Sold to an undisclosed buyer at Hedonism Wines in Mayfair, London, England, there’s a great back story to the tale. The bottle was bought around two decades ago by the house of Cognac Hermitage,...
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Cognac Glassware: A World of its own

One thing that’s super important when it comes to our favorite drink is the presentation. And this encompasses a multitude of different products. From the bottle or decanter it comes in, to the glass you drink it from, Cognac glassware is a hot subject. Cognac Glasses In general there are two different styles of glass from which to sip your eau-de-vie. These are the tulip glass, favored by the connoisseur, and the balloon glass or snifter, often referred to simply as...
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Alien, Blade Runner, Hennessy XO: Announcing Ridley Scott’s Latest Epic

When you hear the name, Ridley Scott, what springs to mind? A terrifying slathering alien? Replicants living among us? Russell Crowe flexing his muscles dressed in a gladiator’s skirt? We’ve all got our favorite movies from this genius director and producer. And now he’s returning to advertising, partnering with none other than the Cognac giant, Hennessy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYyv9flCGNs No stranger to commercials It’s been 15 years since Scott last directed a commercial. So it’s a massive coup for Hennessy to have such an...
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What is Cognac Made Of?

There’s probably never been another drink in the history of the world that creates as much confusion as Cognac. One of the big questions is, what is Cognac actually made of? “Cognac? It’s brandy, isn’t it? And brandy’s made from–errr, some kind of fruit, right? Or is it potato? No, that’s vodka, I think? Or maybe it’s rice?” The team at Cognac Expert is happy to provide you with the definitive guide as to what Cognac is made of? So...
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