Harvest on our farm

Wonderful Wine Harvest: Fingers Crossed for a Great Result

The 2011 grape harvest is now underway in around 80 per cent of France.  And although early harvests are not completely unknown, this year’s will certainly have the historians studying it with interest.  Even those grapes destined for sparkling wines, including champagne, have begun in August, a rare event indeed. The vineyards of Cognac should begin towards the end of this week.  For the best eaux-de-vie, the grape juice needs to be on the acidic side, with a potential alcohol...
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Remy Martin XO and La Maison de Chocolat

Cognac marries Chocolate for $548

For anyone who loves the combination of cognac and chocolate, then the new collaboration between Remy Martin and the French chocolatier, La Maison du Chocolate, will certainly appeal to you. The limited edition box contains 30 chocolates and a half bottle of Remy Martin XO, lovingly encased in red lacquer case.  Only 300 of these are being made, and all are being sent to either Hong Kong or Tokyo where the citizens are crazy for La Maison du Chocolate products. But...
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Louis XIII Jet

Sip Remy Martin Louis XIII – Buy a Private Jet!

Two days ago in Hollywood (where else), was the opening launch of Access Custom’s new four-seater jet plane. At the luxurious Kim Sing Theatre in China Town the company proudly unveiled their private jet that comes to you fully customised for a cool US $1.5 million. Of course, an event as opulent as this requires a pretty special kind of sponsor, and who better than Remy Martin to do the honours?  Alongside JLP ‘The President’s Tequila’ and VOSS water in association...
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Camus Vintage Cognacs

Cognac Camus Unveils 8 Great Vintages in the US

For our cousins across the pond, Camus Cognac has an exciting range of limited edition vintage cognacs that will be launched this autumn. Every cognac house is going more and more towards vintage strategies.. so Camus won't be the last one to react. All are certified single vintages ranging from 1964 to 1989, each bottled directly from the cask and individually numbered.  Camus, a family owned cognac house and the fifth largest in the world, are particularly proud of this...
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5 cognac bottles sold per second

Five Bottles of Cognac Sell Every Second

The recovery continues for cognac, with latest figures revealing that around the world an incredible five bottles of cognac are selling every second. In the 2010 – 2011 season, sales have increased 11.5 per cent.  The highest rise in sales has been seen in the XO and VSOP markets, with increases of 26 and 17 per cent respectively.  This equates to 161.5 million bottle or 452,072 hectolitres of pure alcohol. When broken down to geographical regions, the sales are fairly evenly...
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