Cognac Overtakes Whisk(e)y in China

Cognac overtakes Whisk(e)y in China : Chinese Prefer Cognac

All the major cognac players saw double digit growth in sales to the Chinese market in 2010, overtaking whisky for the first time since 2004. A report just out by the IWSR showed that 1.9 million cases of cognac were sold to China last year, an increase of 17.5 per cent.  Whisky, on the other hand, grew by only 2.8 per cent. Most of the whisky sold in China is by mid-sized companies, and it’s been favoured by the Chinese since...
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Art Of Seduction Leather Accessoire

Design Schools and Remy Martin present Accessoires Workshop Result: Art of Seduction

+++ Correction +++ Sorry guys: We got it wrong. There is nothing on sale, this series is not launched - it was 'just' a workshop result of students. "The aim of the workshop was for Comité Colbert, ENSAAMA and Central Saint Martins to team up and give students – the designers of tomorrow – exposure to the skills and techniques of the French luxury industry, combined with the stimulus of international exchange." Here is a text we just received after talking to Remy...
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Braastad Organic Cognac

Braastad with New Organic Cognac

As sources tell us, there will be a new Braastad Organic Cognac - to be release on October 1st in Finland, available at Alko. So it seems like that the new product will be a VSOP Organic Cognac, from the house of Braastad. While Braastad already launched an Organic Cognac end of 2010 in Norway, where the market for organic wine and products has been growing in the last years, now the Braastad's Organic Cognac comes to Finland. The Organic...
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Alko Finland Cognac

Alko Cognac in Finland: Alcohol Monopoly Store List of Cognacs

In Finland there is a so called "monopoly system", like in Sweden. This means that the whole off trade business is runned by the covernment, by monopoly company. Sweden they call this "System Bolaget" and in Finland "Alko". So let's have a look at Cognac in Finland. Split between on and off trade in Finland would be around 15% / 85% (total sales). This gives you the idea how important Alko is in Finland. Only place where you can find products sold...
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Gautier Eden Customizable Cognac Bottle

Gautier Eden brings you a Customizable Cognac Bottle

Do you have a lucky number?  If so, what would you say to a customized bottle containing a unique eaux-de-vie from Cognac Gautier, embossed with the number of your choice? Gautier’s master blender, Isabelle Couprie, has now perfected what is being billed as ‘A Taste of Temptation,’ a cognac blended from various Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fin Bois vintages – and appropriately named ‘Cognac Eden.’ With a bright, yet deep amber colour, Eden offers an explosion of taste sensations.  But...
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