Hennessy Privilege Vsop NyX Collector

New Hennessy Privilege NyX Collector Limited Edition Glows under Black Light

It's not Remy Martin URBAN LIGHTS! Here comes a brand new Hennessy Limited Edition, the cognac house just announced. It's called Privilege Nyx Collector Bottle. The bottle design is kept in the known iconic shape. Hennessy NyX glows at night Limited edition cognac Hennessy Privilege NyX Collector bottle (that's a VSOP by the way)  was obviously designed for bars and the night-life. The second bottle of the "PRIVILEGE COLLECTION" looks very modern, with platinum, glass and metallic & purple elements. Looks like...
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Olivier Paultes, Hennessy

Interview with Hennessy’s New Distillery Director Olivier Paultes

Cognac-Expert features the first exclusive interview with Olivier Paultes as the new “Directeur des distilleries et de la communication du savoir-faire eaux-de-vie”. Just recently, Olivier Paultes took over a dream job at Hennessy, the biggest cognac house (in the world). Monsieur Paultes had left the cognac house of Frapin some months ago. Cognac-Expert.com: Congratulations, Mister Paultes. You are now responsible for Hennessy's "Direction des distilleries et de la communication du savoir-faire eaux-de-vie". What a title. Could you please explain, what...
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Distilling Cognac

Hennessy Technical Forum: Discussing Wine Distilling

For the first time ever, 500 wine distillers met, courtesy of Hennessy, to discuss the technical issues of wine making that affect them all. The three half days were spent discussing many different aspects of the industry that all wine growers have to cope with.  These included the carbon footprint left by cognac production, how to save energy during the distillation process, pesticide chemicals and treatments and other sustainable development. There were presentations given by the Chamber of Agriculture and the...
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Martell Cognac

Martell Cognac joins its Rivals in Strong Sales

Sales of Martell Cognac (part of the Pernod Ricard group) are keeping in line with the other big three cognac houses as new profit figures are released for the first part of the year. The demand for cognacs and other luxury goods in Asian countries and other emerging markets are helping this boost, and Pernod Ricard have announced an 11 per cent rise in total profits for the first quarter.  Despite all the global turmoil and currency fluctuations, this has...
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Remy Cointreau

Rémy Sales are Proving Robust

Despite all the worldwide turmoil, Remy Cointreau’s first half profits have risen a healthy 11 per cent.  This is largely due to their Asian cognac sales of Rémy Martin.  The company is confident that the second half of the year will show even greater profits. However, share prices in the European market in general (not just for drinks firms) are on a downward spiral as the hopes that a solution to the Greek debt crisis fail to materialize. Sources: www.reuters.com
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