Camus Vintage Cognacs

Cognac Camus Unveils 8 Great Vintages in the US

For our cousins across the pond, Camus Cognac has an exciting range of limited edition vintage cognacs that will be launched this autumn. Every cognac house is going more and more towards vintage strategies.. so Camus won't be the last one to react. All are certified single vintages ranging from 1964 to 1989, each bottled directly from the cask and individually numbered.  Camus, a family owned cognac house and the fifth largest in the world, are particularly proud of this...
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5 cognac bottles sold per second

Five Bottles of Cognac Sell Every Second

The recovery continues for cognac, with latest figures revealing that around the world an incredible five bottles of cognac are selling every second. In the 2010 – 2011 season, sales have increased 11.5 per cent.  The highest rise in sales has been seen in the XO and VSOP markets, with increases of 26 and 17 per cent respectively.  This equates to 161.5 million bottle or 452,072 hectolitres of pure alcohol. When broken down to geographical regions, the sales are fairly evenly...
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Avukile Mabombo and Maurice Hennessy

Cognac in South Africa: Interview with Hennessy Brand Manager

Avukile Mabombo, Hennessy Cognac brand manager in South Africa, talks about Cognac and brown spirits in South Africa, the importance of good advertising and the growing demand in Africa. Mr Mabombo, as the brand manager for Hennessy in South Africa, what are your operational fields? Avukile Mabombo: I’m the brand custodian responsible for the brand’s strategic direction and implementation of all marketing activities whilst also providing support to the sales team on commercial and trade related projects. CE: How is the...
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President Sarkozy

Will New Tax Push Up The Price Of Cognac?

The new tax measures announced by President Sarkozy this week have drawn a question mark over whether or not cognac will be affected. The tax increases are to be included on various foodstuffs, soft drinks that contain added sugar and hard liquor.  However, the rises appear not to apply to wines, rums and regional products. So the world of cognac is waiting for confirmation whether or not the increase of approximately 90 cents per litre will affect our favourite tipple. Cognac Expert...
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just a great Ungi Blanc grapes close up

First Cognac Grapes are in: Thumbs up for Quality

Some days ago in Saintonge, Charente, the first grapes were harvested. 5.5 tonnes of grapes were carefully transported to the winery at St. Same-les-Carrières, near Jarnac, where they were unloaded into the ‘de-stemmer’ under the watchful eye of cellar master, Aurélien Nadaud, to have the leaves and branches separated from the fruit. Before the fruit is pressed, Mr Nadaud tests a few litres of the grape juice for ‘titre alcoolémique volumique,’ or TAV.  This is the process of measuring the level...
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