Deau Cognac Trilogy

The New Deau Trilogy: Black, XO and Louis Memory

Cognac Deau has created a new trilogy of cognacs called ‘L’Art de l’Exellence.’  Each is presented in a beautiful carafe – the company describe it as the ‘haute couture’ of cognac. This trilogy of cognacs are Deau XO, Deau Black and Deau Louis Memory: Deau XO has been created to signify wealth, harmony and generosity. Deau Black is described as intense and seductive; a cognac full of character and passion. Deau Louis Memory is the ‘crown jewel’ of the trio, created only from...
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0210 Velvet Vodka Amber Cognac

New Cognacs: 0210 Extra Cognac, 0210 Amber XO, 0210 Velvet XO

0210 Spirit introduces a new high end drink range to the highly profitable sector of travel retail. One of the bottle comes from Italy, and has the shape of a woman (reminds us of Landy Désir in a way). This new range has different products in their retail portfolio: The 0210 Extra Cognac, the 0210 Amber XO Cognac and 0210 Velvet XO - such as a 0210 Vodka. Let's have a look at those new products in detail. The 0210 Extra...
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A New Look at the Life of Richard Hennessy

Historian, George Martinez, has been studying the life of Richard Hennessy for the past four years, convinced that the current findings are rife with mistakes. Richard Hennessy, founder of one of the world’s most famous cognac houses, is well known as one of the most famous people of the Charente and a role model to many.  However, historians have long been divided over certain aspects of his life, and Martinez is due to present his findings at a conference tomorrow...
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Beam Realise that Women Drink Too

It’s only taken 216 years of marketing almost exclusively to the male market for drinks firm, Beam, to realise that they’re missing out on 50 per cent of the population.  To this end, global marketing chief, Kevin George, put his team to discovering just what the company is missing out on. In 2009 they introduced Red Stag – a Jim Beam Bourbon infused with black cherry.  And guess who the main drinkers were?  You got it, women. Keen to investigate the...
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James Bond, Ludacris and Lars von Trier: Cognac Product Placement in Movies

Movies can help to push a product. And Cognac product placement has tradition. Whether 007, Hennessy in a Lars von Trier's last movie or Ludacris sipping Birkedal Hartmann's Conjure Cognac: Hollywood places cognac. Let's have a look at this Conjure Cognac product placement in NO STRINGS ATTACHED with Ashton Kutcher. Let's think about it: This movie had a domestic total gross: $70,662,220 and worldwide $147,780,440 - that's a lot of eyes on one product. ...
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