Urban Lights Special Edition VSOP Remy Martin

Rémy Martin Urban Lights is the new VSOP Limited Edition

Rémy Martin just released the limited edition Rémy Martin VSOP Urban Lights - the first impression is a Matrix iconography, but in red. If one would have to pick the special edition champion of Cognac, it must be Remy Martin. They just regularly release new special and limited editions of their VSOP. Glows under black light A 1 litre Remy Martin Urban Lights bottle will be available at selected travel retailers. The glowing VSOP Remy will also be available in 750ml...
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Martell Cordon Bleu

Sales of Martell Cognac Continue to Rise

Pernod-Ricard, the owner of Martell Cognac, has reported that in the year July 2010 – June 2011, sales rose by 22 per cent.  Only Pernod-Ricard’s Royal Salute whisky fared better, with sales rising 27 per cent. However, when you look at the figures, an even better analysis appears.  Royal Salute cases totalled 200,000 cases, whereas the number for Martell is 1.8 million.  It’s no surprise that with sales figures such as these Martell is the leading cognac in China, holding...
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Buy Cognac Online

Buy Cognac Online? Order Cognac From our Store

If you are wondering, where you can buy cognac online in the internet, then you have arrived at the right place. In January 2013 we launched the Cognac-Expert.com Online Shop. Discover over 400 different Cognac bottles ready to be shipped to you, anywhere in the world, directly from the region of Cognac. Many of our readers used to ask us questions like "Where Can I Buy Hennessy online?" or other brands, looking for online shops which offer Cognac and Brandy. Often users require...
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harvesting grapes manually

Harvesting: 72 Thousand Hectares for Cognac Production

In this earliest every cognac harvest since records began, one grower even superseded the BNIC recommendations. Fabien Godard, a grower in Petite Champagne, began his harvest on Friday, 2nd September.  He said it was essential to begin, with the hot and humid weather sure to promote rot on the heavy clusters of grapes. However, so far there have been few outbreaks of rot – thankfully – and acidity and alcoholic strength is looking as it should.  The average yield is expected...
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Cognac Overtakes Whisk(e)y in China

Cognac overtakes Whisk(e)y in China : Chinese Prefer Cognac

All the major cognac players saw double digit growth in sales to the Chinese market in 2010, overtaking whisky for the first time since 2004. A report just out by the IWSR showed that 1.9 million cases of cognac were sold to China last year, an increase of 17.5 per cent.  Whisky, on the other hand, grew by only 2.8 per cent. Most of the whisky sold in China is by mid-sized companies, and it’s been favoured by the Chinese since...
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