A reader has received an old Bottle of Cognac Napoléon 1811 Grande Reserve. And he would like to sell, so if there are any collectors out there (and there are), please have a look at this bottle.

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Napoleon Bottle (Old)

The label reads: Cognac Napoleon 1811 Grande Reserve

Our reader received this Cognac bottle from his great aunt.

Cognac Napoleon 1811 Grande Reserve

Our reader would like to sell this Napoleon Grande Réserve, please make your offers below.

For buyers, please note: We do not accept buyers just ‘dropping’ their email address in the post, but as a buyer you first need to place an offer, a bid for the bottle; without the email address, then we wait for a response by the seller, and then you are allowed to communicate email addresses. Why? Because we would like to keep these price structures as open as possible. Thank you.

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Old Bottle of Cognac Napoléon 1811 Grande Reserve

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  1. Avatar

    this one’s worth double at least!
    3 of these sold for $4000+ each at christie’s last month

  2. Avatar

    I have 17 bottles of Impératrice Josephine Grande Fine Champagne Reserve Cognac–Vintage 1811. I also have a the beautiful wooden courvoisier display case for them.

  3. Avatar

    Classic faked bottle, it’s Spanish brandy sold into the US market from Mexico in the 1930’s.

  4. Avatar

    I will sell this bottle for $2000. Anybody interested?

  5. Avatar

    Contact me I’m interest your bottle
    Best regards

  6. Avatar

    Hi my name is Kevin.

    I collect wines in a wine cellar as an interest.

    Would not offer such a measly sum as other people.

    If I was selling this very rare brandy I would want at least £15,000 sterling for it.

    The person selling this is making a bad mistake my advice to you is to keep this brandy and pass it on in your family.

    It is very rare and you are lucky to have it.


  7. Avatar

    Hi I have Brandy Napoleon from the period 1890-1908 Brandy Napoleon B.P. 12 16200 France Maroy & Co
    I would like to sell them wait for offers to interested I can send pictures to email because they do not know how to put them here or ad on Poland which is added.
    I’m sorry for the mistakes in my English

  8. Avatar

    I have a bottle of 1811 Napoleon Cognac, also. My bottle has some significant differences though. The bottle is clearly hand blown, there is still some sealing wax residue in the seal medallion and a couple of other differences. Is any one interested in further information?

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