We received a message from a reader who has a Lafite Rothschild Cognac!

“Lafite Rothschild does Cognac?” one may think.. well it is “selected” by Lafite.. not produced. There is a simple little word on the label. One word: Selectionné.

If anybody has further information about this bottle – please post your comments and let us know.

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Lafite Rothschild Tres Vieille Reserve bottle

Lafite Rothschild Cognac comes in a straw basket. “Tres Vieille” means directly translated “very old”.

Label of Tres Vieille Reserve Lafite Rothschild

Selectionné oar Lafite Rothschild. Commercialisé par Grandcru SA. Emb 17364 A.

Cognac seal cork Lafite Rothschild

The logo of Lafite and the 5 arrows can be seen on the label, 70cl and 40,5% ABV.

Regarding a price & value we found the following cost one would have to acquire such a bottle: € 420 (515 USD, 327 GBP). The same Cognac in a 1,5 liter bottle costs € 733.

Thank you for your inshights and background information.

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It's not wine: Cognac Lafite Rothschild Très Vieille Réserve!

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    Scott Clevenger

    I came across a bottle of this in London and purchased it. I have had it on a few occassions and can state that it is a very fine cognac indeed. The bottle is beautiful hand blown glass (full of little air bubbles) and the aroma is pure bliss. A bit hot on the palate, but very nice old cognac flavors. Worth the money…as an oddity yes. Are the better cognacs out there for the price? Probably.

  2. Avatar
    Alain Royer

    Lafite Rothschild Cognac. This project was initiated in the years 1986 or about by Eric de Rothschild when the group was managed by Yves Le Canu. They had a contact with a cognac producer. Originally it was for the château’s consumption after the phenomenal receptions and meals hosted by the Family. Some of their direct importers in the world wanted that cognac and Grancru began to produce it for their network of importers. That line was extended to an Armagnac sourced from one of the best negociants in the region. If you want more information, just contact me, I have been instrumental in putting this on the market.

  3. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Thank you for sharing these insights with us

  4. Avatar

    I had a bottle of the first released vintage and it was phenomenal! So sweet and tender tastes, I doubt I will ever have another cognac that will rival it.

  5. Avatar

    I recently come across a bottle of Lafite Rothschild Cognac with the black wax seal. Is it authentic?

  6. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Dear Stanley, please use our SUBMIT BOTTLE function for this. It’s critical to follow the asked steps, and also to send the needed photographs. Otherwise a serious evaluation is not really possible.

  7. Avatar

    I bought a bottle at the Morrell and Co. auction in 2010. I also bought two bottles of aged Henssey XO and Remey Martin XO Special, as well as Louis XIII. I must say that the lafite is good but not great. Unlike the great vintages of the wines of LR, It is more of a conversational piece than a monumental experience. The Xiii goes on and on.. on the palate. This one represnts more fruit and has more of raison finish. It is ripe to drink! Very sweet, very woody, but it fizzles. Cant see myself paying 500+ for another bottle. I prefer Hine for 50 dollars all day log….On another note, the Xiii does go, ON and ON! But there is a 800+ price difference. If you want quality and have friends who will undersand and appreciate, go with Xiii. If you want to drink sustainable congac, well….There are others for much less hit on your pocket.

  8. Avatar

    Can anyone advise what the quality designation is? XO, VSOP etc? Sorry if that is a silly question!

  9. Avatar

    anybody has this cognac with gift basket pack, pls let me know

  10. Avatar
    Hot Doug

    I have one bottle to sell please contact me if anyone interest.
    I live in NYC so I will give direct to you .

  11. Avatar
    hector carrasco

    i have one bottle of baron de rothschild lafite vieilles rsrv cognac france with black seal in theoriginal basket pack , i interest in comercialitation and recive more information about the product.

  12. Avatar

    if you have a bottle(s) you would like to sell I would be interested

  13. Avatar
    johnny bjerke.

    martell l or 24 k.gold 1990 .want to buy ?

  14. Avatar

    How much would you sell your L’or de Martell please?

  15. Avatar
    Philip Spoutz

    I just acquired the bottle like in the post at an estate sale.. same item.. FOR SALE!

  16. Avatar
    Kimberly Paulson

    The establishment that I work for has a bottle Lafite Rothschild GranCru Cognac #33250, it is 81proof, and 1.75 liter bottle with wicker basket. We are trying to determine age of bottle, but we know that it was with us before 1997. Our inventory price listed is $365.00, which would have been the purchase price. If anyone can help with getting more information about it, I would be greatful. It has been stored on it’s side in the wicker basket ever since it arrived, also in temp controlled room about 72 degrees.

  17. Avatar

    due to the fact that the “submit bottle” form currently doesn´t work i post here.
    I have a bottle of the “Lafite Rothschild Très Vieille Réserve” and am trying to find out a proper price for it.

    It is identical to the one in the pictures with only two differences:
    – Instead of “Commercialise par Grancru s.a.” it says only “Grancru s.a.”
    – the top of the bottle is sealed in black instead of red as in the pictures above

    Is it possible to get an information about age or something else from those two facts?


  18. Avatar
    Patricia Gilbert

    I have three bottles of the Domaines Lafite Rotschild RESERVE Cognac in the original baskets. These are from the estate of a major collector of wine. His wine collection was auctioned over around 20 years ago but these bottles were overlooked and remained in one of his cellars until his widow (my late mother-in-law) passed away (in 2017). We are looking to sell these bottles.

  19. Avatar
    Katja (Cognac-Expert.com)

    Dear Patricia,
    If you like to sell your Cognac, please have a look at our auction section. The process would include an estimation of your bottle´s value by our experts. For further questions, please have a look at our auction FAQ.

    Thank you!

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