Conjure Cognac has ‘beef’ (sort of battle in HipHop slang) with Rémy Martin. Or in other words T.I. and Ludacris are now competing promoters of a French brandy. Who had thought that 20 years ago.. The US market is more and more becoming a playground for the combination of Rap and Cognac bottles.

The hip hop battle

Hennessy presents DJs, and Rapper Snoop Dogg promotes Landy Cognac in cooking shows. Busta Rhymes promoted Courvoisier with P. Diddy, Ludacris partners with Birkedal-Hartmann. However, the question is: Who is the most credible spokesman for a Cognac brand?

Merry X Mas Snoop Dogg

While there was a serious discussion about T.I. (see article), Dr. Dre still wants to release his ‘Aftermath’ bottle with spirit company Drinks Americas.

More brandy promo

What do you think? Which artist would be the right one for a luxury brand like Cognac? Who is credible and could have the right impact on the image of such a high-end drink?

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The Cognac HipHop battle: Players have beef

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    I agree with Eric. Artists like Jay Z,Dre and Eminem have gone past the stage of social badging which seems to be the first stage most people aspire to.Jay Z knocked Kristal now no one talks about Kris its all its now Nuvo. Dre endorsed the monster beats headphones now they are the ultimate in Headphones and Fashion. Eminem and Nike. I dont think Morgan freeman more like Denzel Washington.

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