So that was the coganc harvest 2011.

Thanks to the great work of Stéphane Charbeau we can show you some great pictures of the 2011 cognac harvest in different areas. Stéphane is one of Cognac’s most important vineyard photographers and also a very relevant media- and webdesigner of the region.

Château de Bourg-Charente (16)

The Cognac Harvest finished 10 days ago. A wine grower tell

“A very good year in quality and particularly, in regards to quantity. Not the case for all winegrower even in parcels near ours. There is lot of disparities and differences.”

Cognac Harvest Bouteville

Further our wine grower friend tells us:

“The quantity regarding culture/farming methods: no rain during periods where chemical fertilizer were used ( no assimilation by the vine) combined with lot of vine “hydric-stess”. This confirms that organic methods can lead to solid agricultural results during irregular weather conditions.”

Cognac Harvest Buisson


“Quality regarding the harvest process: low sugar (9 – 9,5° Alc. potential) lead lot of winegrower to wait the last moment to harvest. But in so large property (I consider, more than 20 ha) or if you don’t have your own harvest-machine (main part of winegrowers) you can’t harvest your wole vineyard with the best quality conditions.”

Cognac Harvest in Triac

Further, the cognac producer states:

“You will probably hear about poor quality wine with low acidity > low conservation characteristics > low quality eau-de-vie. Let’s see.”

Cognac Harvest Buisson Cognac Harvest: Grapes in Buisson Foussignac Cognac Harvest Foussignac Cognac Harvest Foussignac Harvest of cognac grapes Grapes are in: Cognac Harvest in Foussignac

If you are into 360° photography you should visit for harvest pictures, and his general website We love it.

Stéphane also is responsible for the creation of a couple of important cognac websites, such as the BNIC web site, Pineau des Charentes, Vins de Pays Charentais, and many websites of cognac houses and producers. So if you are in the cognac business, and need a website, you better ask Stéphane. Of course you also want to shoot a message in order to add your brand and bottles to our list of Cognac brands.

All Pictures Copyrights Reserved to Stéphane Charbeau.

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