Do you have a lucky number?  If so, what would you say to a customized bottle containing a unique eaux-de-vie from Cognac Gautier, embossed with the number of your choice?

Gautier’s master blender, Isabelle Couprie, has now perfected what is being billed as ‘A Taste of Temptation,’ a cognac blended from various Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fin Bois vintages – and appropriately named ‘Cognac Eden.’

Gautier Eden Customizable Cognac Bottle

With a bright, yet deep amber colour, Eden offers an explosion of taste sensations.  But before you even get a chance to taste it, the first thing you notice is the bottle – or as Eden so elegantly call it, the decanter.

With a tasteful etching of Adam and Eve (naturally), the decanter is capped with a brushed silver coloured top and each is individually numbered.  But the packaging doesn’t end there, because the decanter comes lovingly encased in a Burmese teak box surmounted with guilloche decoration.  Add a brushed mirror interior and you’ve the perfect display case for a bottle of cognac that its creators consider a work of art.

But even better, the bottle can be customized to your particular wishes.  You can choose your own lucky number (if available), and the engraving can be portrayed in gold, silver or bronze.  If you require, you can even have a signature or message etched into the glass, either on the back or around the central ‘Adam and Eve’ medallion.

Learn more about the history and products of Cognac Gautier, here.


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Gautier Eden brings you a Customizable Cognac Bottle

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