As the demand for eaux-de-vie across the world continues to increase, then the need for the houses that want to expand to ensure their own supply also becomes more vital. Some houses are coping with this through extended contracts with wine growers that extend over a few years.  But others are choosing an alternative route, and that’s with the purchase of hectares of vineyards.

Cognac Vineyards

The latest news of this is that Cognac Frapin has recently made a purchase of additional vines in the region of Grande Champagne.  And it’s no small purchase, as the addition has increased the size of the Frapin estate by 11 per cent.  The house now owns 240 hectares of vines in total.

CEO of Cognac Frapin, Jean-Pierre Cointreau, said;

“ For many years, Cognac Frapin has been keen to enhance the size of its vineyards to meet the increasing demand for its Cognacs from global markets.  This ‘fruitful alliance’ between our historical know how and the superb terroir will now allow us to increase our production and give Frapin further opportunities for an even brighter future.”


Frapin is one of the oldest Cognac houses in the regions, with a history that can be traced back to the thirteenth century over 20 generations.  The house produces a wide range of Cognacs to suit ever taste and pocket, from their Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru Cognac, through to the luxurious Frapin Cuvee 1888, a limited edition bottle that is both unique in taste and packaging, with a decanter designed by Christalleries Royales de Champagne.

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Expansion as Cognac Frapin Buys Further Vineyards

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