The fifth International Cognac Summit (ICS), which runs until Wednesday 25th January in Cognac, is concentrating on what it is about certain cognacs that make them more attractive to women.

Around forty bartenders and journalists from around the globe are attending workshops to watch experts in the world of cognac consider the appeal of eaux-de-vie to the ladies.  They will look at various aromas and ingredients, as well as what women seek in both a neat cognac and a cocktail that contains it.

Cognac for women?

Catherine Le Page, Director of the BNIC is delighted that this is being explored in more detail, as she says that there are more and more women who are being turned onto the pleasures of drinking cognac.  The aim of this summit is to create a cocktail specifically designed for women, and in doing so will become a ‘little sister’ for the cognac designed at the 2008 ICS – The Summit.

“We need to be educators”

In conjunction with the ICS, on Friday, 20th January, a new strategy for providing education and promotion of eaux-de-vie to France and the wider European Union countries has been set up.

The BNIC has recruited Agnès Aubin as new Director of Promotion and Communication, and set up four working groups consisting of eight people in each.  The plan is for the BNIC to not only work to protect the name of cognac, but also to actively promote as well.

Ms Aubin is from the Val-de-Loire.  She previously worked in the field of vocational training before turning her attentions to promotion and communication for the large vineyards of the area.

Jean-Marc Morel, President of the BNIC, said, “We need to be educators (of cognac) and to clearly explain current challenges to both our national and European citizens.”

Let’s think about some rather female cognac products: What about So Yang by Claire Coates, a product that clearly targets women. Bigger cognac house Courvoisier has launched Rosé – another product positioned in a rather female way, when Beam realized there is a feminine target group.


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Female Cognac! Spotlight at the International Cognac Summit

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