The slogan for the Cognac region “Cognac, l’esprit région” (“the soul of the region”) is history. The new slogan is “Expérience Cognac”: The Cognac experience. A new direction in brand communication?

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) believes that the new slogan is far better for their strategy: The cognac culture develops based on its cultural roots and international influences. Jerome Durand, the head of the BNIC, stresses that it’s important to underline the unique production sites and local structure of Charente, an critical part of the cognac experience.

Jérôme Durand © BNIC - Gérard Martron

In other words, the BNIC wants French consumers, and especially foreign tourists to understand and to visit sites and facilities. To see the product as an event, as an experience. So it is not surprising that there is the idea of a “cognac house” in Paris, and apparently it is about to be organized: An experience site of the BNIC, communicating cognac in the French capital.

But such a boutique, or presentation house would be certainly targeting tourists and foreigners, because the Cognac market in Paris isn’t that great: The local consumers aren’t interested in Cognac at all, they prefer whisky, wine or beer. So it’s the tourist one would attract.

The fifth edition of the Semaine de Cognac takes place from June 19th to 26th

The week’s primary purpose is to kick-off cognac awareness before the summer season. Until now, the operation was concentrated on wine shops, hotels, bars and restaurants. This year, it presents entertainment and experiences to its public. The event includes 300 partners.

There is actually even a game for consumers on the “semaine’s” website. Each day, visitors can win a meal, randomly selected from participants, with a menu of course combined somehow with the eaux-de-vie of Charente, Cognac.

The BNIC also launches a “picnic chic” on Friday, June 25th in the Public Garden of Cognac. One just has to bring a basket of food and be dressed in white. At the entrance, every person (only for adults) will receive a Summit cocktail.

The evening, which will be more elegant, a jazz concert will take place. Jerome Durand hopes to attract about 500 people by creating “a local enthusiasm.”

Cognac Expert will be reporting. Read more about the “Semaine De Cognac”, coming soon.

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"The Cognac Experience": A New Slogan for Cognac's Brand Communication

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